Don’t Freak, It’s Back-to-School Week: Survival Strategies


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Don't Freak, It's Back-to-School Week:
Survival Strategies



In between trekking from school to school, conference to conference, and agency to agency all summer, teaching our popular Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop, we've been busy producing knock-your-socks-off, new handouts and posters.

Some of these brand new handouts and posters are so new that they aren't even for sale yet on our website, but as a subscriber to this internet magazine, you can have some of these attention-grabbing worksheets now, for free.

We hope you enjoy these exciting, new back-to-school strategies.


Back-to-School Strategies

Put Your Students on a Box of SUCCEEDIES

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school success posterOur cereal box looks a lot like the famous box that has athletes on it, but our box of cereal is "The Breakfast of Graduates." Note that the cereal bowl is overflowing with dollar bills. That's because– as noted on the box– "Grads Earn Twice as Much."

The picture (at right) shows our Poster #132 (click to view) but as a subscriber, you can get a version of this item in handout form free.

The handout version of this device leaves a blank spot for you to add students' faces to the cereal box, or students can make this addition on their own. This is a fantastic back-to-school strategy to use the first day of school.


Put Your Students on the Cover

public display affection posterOur Poster 120 always generates lots of laughter from students.

The poster pictures a newspaper headline that says "School: It Isn't Just for Dating Anymore." You can purchase that poster or get the handout version here for free.

The handout version of this device leaves most of the newspaper blank so your students can make the headline become anything they choose. For example, students might write "School Isn't Just for Talking on Your Cell Phone Anymore."

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Put Your Students in the Work Place

attendance poster 144Poster #144 (shown at right) is very popular, and is a great back-to-school strategy. We have a  a whole line of these posters. The version shown at left says "All Jobs Now Require On Time Attendance. Think this poster is scary? Try life without a job."

Here are just a few of the many other versions we are bringing out: "All Jobs Now Require Reading," "All Jobs Now Require Regular Drug Testing," and "All Jobs Now Require Math."

Feel free to use any of these variations as a way to spark your students' creativity. Have students create their own endings to the sentence "All Jobs Now Require…" using the free handout you can get here.



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