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Because bullying, cyberbullying, school failure, truancy, dropping out, student disrespect, bad attitudes, and school violence are so often in the news, Youth Change Workshops is often in the news too.

In addition to Youth Change Director, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.’s regular column in SEEN Magazine, Youth Change Professional Development Workshops has attracted a lot of attention from newspapers, online publications, magazines, and education blogs. We’ve picked out some of those articles for you to read right here.

Discover why Youth Change is considered to be one of the most effective teacher/counselor professional development training companies in the nation. Read about our innovative, unexpected, real-world resources and strategies to turnaround bullies, work refusers, dropouts, violent students, and youngsters who are failing in school. Have questions? We can help. Reach Youth Change Workshops at 1.800.545.5736, or email us.



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Selected Past Articles About

Youth Change Workshops

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The Orlando Sentinel
Newspaper coverage of Florida professional development workshop for counselors, pastors, teachers, foster parents, juvenile justice workers, and social workers.


The Monterey Herald
Extensive coverage of the sessions that this California newspaper sponsored, bringing Youth Change’s professional development workshop to Monterey, California, as part of it’s Newspapers in Education program. The course was offered free to school teachers, special educators, substance abuse counselors, gang enforcement officers, juvenile justice staff, school administrators, and mental health treatment staff.


The Los Angeles Times
Youth Change Director and child welfare expert Ruth Herman Wells is interviewed for an article on the lack of treatment, intervention and prevention services for troubled girls and young women. The article explores the concern that distressed girls may be offered help far later than distressed boys. The article also examines whether services for troubled girls are less intense than those offered boys; explores whether girls are offered help for a shorter time period; and considers that girls may be far less than half of the recipients of most services for troubled, delinquent, unmanageable, and traumatized children and adolescents.


Adolescence Magazine
Article by Youth Change Director, Ruth Herman Wells M.S. on abused children entitled “The Invisible Epidemic.” The cartoon in this article is taken from Ruth’s popular lesson book for teachers and counselors who work with abused children, “A Child’s Guide to Surviving in a Troubled Family.”


The Gleaner Newspaper
Newspaper coverage of professional development workshops for school, juvenile justice, social work, education, Job Corps, protective service staff, and youth professionals throughout Northern Kentucky.


The Independent
Human interest story on Youth Change Professional Development Workshops and Director and Trainer, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.


Newport, Oregon Newspaper
Coverage of Newport, Oregon workshop sponsored by state and local government children’s service agencies, attended by area youth professionals, educators, foster families, and mental health staff.


 Roanoke Times
Report on the professional development workshop sponsored by local juvenile law enforcement for area school district staff.


The Oregonian Newspaper
Human interest story on Youth Change Workshop’s Director and Trainer, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., and her publications, seminars, and goals.


Center for the Study of Youth Policy Journal Article
Published by the School of Social Work at the University of Michigan, and NOVA University, Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells contributes an article for an issue entitled “Programming for Young Women in the Juvenile Justice System.” The article describes the program Ruth founded and directed. She provides documentation that illustrates the results this program for delinquent and emotionally disturbed adolescent girls achieved. She also provides the outcomes of using of her lesson plan curriculum, and innovative intervention strategies.


Youth Today Magazine
A short review of Youth Change’s Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth book series. Youth Today is one of the nation’s best known publications for youth workers, child therapists, juvenile justice staff, mental health workers, and juvenile corrections staff.

California Association of Counseling and Development (CACD)
Preview article for the California Association of Counseling and Development (CACD) Annual Convention featuring Youth Change Workshop’s Director Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. as closing keynote speaker.


Maysville, KY Newspaper
Coverage of Maysville Community College’s presentation to the community of Youth Change Workshop’s Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop. The workshop was open for attendance by staff from local schools, mental health, children’s protection agencies, juvenile justice, churches, and special education facilities.


Harrah, Washington Newspaper
Local newspaper coverage of one school district’s application of Youth Change Workshops’ program methods and curriculum.


Daytona, Florida Newspaper
A reporter’s coverage of his participation in a Daytona, Florida presentation of Youth Change’s Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth seminar. The professional development presentation was sponsored by a consortium of local church groups and education advocates on behalf of their community. Sponsors included the Daytona Black Clergy Alliance of local pastors.


The Republican American Newspaper
Youth Change Director, Author and Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. offers expert comment on the increased student bullying, emotional problems, racial conflict, name calling and inappropriate peer contact seen in schools since the start of the contentious 2016 presidential election.


Independent Newspaper
Announcement of upcoming Portland, Oregon area professional development presentations of Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Professional Development Workshop.


Announcements of future presentations of Youth Change’s professional development seminars and courses.


Yakima and White Swan, Washington Newspapers
Coverage of local school districts’ results applying and adapting Youth Change Workshops’ curriculum, methods, and resources, from two area newspapers. The school district had sponsored two professional development seminars for all their professional and para-professional staff members.

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Youth Change Workshops is in the news ahead of Oregon Teacher Inservice Day 2017 for becoming the new sponsor and publisher of the Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin. Oregon Teachers: View the 2017 Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin  to quickly find your workshop, course, seminar or educational event for Oregon Teacher Inservice Day on October 13, 2017.


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