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Here are some of the most popular questions, and requested resources
from the Breakthrough Strategies Workshop you attended.

Hello Workshop Past Participant!

This part of our huge web site exists just for you, our workshop past participant.

On this page are some of the most requested items from the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop you attended. You will also find answers to the questions that we most often hear from past workshop participants.

Thanks for being part of a Youth Change workshop. Remember: you can always return free or at half-price as a past participant to any workshop we sponsor. That means you return free when you sign up with someone else who registers normally, or return alone for half-price. That courtesy means you can come to any of our general session seminars that we host around the country. This “warranty” of our past workshop participants is good indefinitely. Take a look at our current Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop schedule.


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1.) I Need to Sign Up for the Free Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog

2.) How Do I Get Information on Bringing the Seminar to My School, District, Conference, Agency, etc.?

3.) How Do I Get a Free Guest Pass for My Boss to Sit In on an Upcoming Seminar?

4.) Where Exactly are the Cool Posters I Saw?

5.)I Need the Mt. Adams School to Life Curriculum

6.) I Have Questions About College Credit

7.) I Need the Quotes I Heard

8.) I Need an Agenda with Times for the Workshop

9.) I Need Another Copy of My Certificate of Completion for Clock Hours/CEUs

10.) Where Can I Find the Books Mentioned in the Seminar That Aren’t Published by Youth Change?

11.) Can I get More of Your Instant Download Worksheets Free Here at Your Website? (click)

12.) Where Can I Get the Personal Power Books Ruth Herman Wells Wrote for Pro-Ed Publishers? (click)

13.) What is the participant warranty you offer on helping with student problems after the workshop is over (click)?



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1.) I Need to Sign Up for the Free Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog here: Click here to start your free subscription.

2.) How Do I Get Information on Bringing the Seminar to My School, District, Conference, Agency, etc.?

Email or call us at 1.800.545.5736, or click here for online information on arranging an on-site seminar.

3.) How Do I Get a Free Guest Pass for My Boss to Sit In on an Upcoming Seminar?

Email to request a free guest pass, but be sure that your site has an interest in evaluating the seminar for a possible on-site presentation. That is what the guest pass if for– to let your boss see the seminar for himself. Our hope is that your boss will love the workshop so much that he or she will do whatever it takes to book us at your school, conference, or agency.

4.) Where Exactly are the Cool Posters I Saw?

Click here to view the posters; once on the page you can choose to view posters by topic or number.

5.) I Need the Mt. Adams School to Life Curriculum

The titles on the left column refer to lessons in Pro Ed’s Personal Power: Becoming an Effective Student (8474) book authored by your instructor, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. Click here to view book information or to order it.

The green sheet you received at class also has information on this item. The curriculum makes far more sense and works best when used in conjunction with this volume. You have to order the volume from Pro Ed, not Youth Change, as it is produced by a different publisher.

The document posted here is the entire curriculum, and is best viewed on your screen after enlarging it using the “+” or “enlarge” button. You will need to print the document on legal size paper to reproduce it on paper. Note that you can rotate, enlarge and shrink the curriculum as you need.

Click here to view the curriculum.

You need Adobe PDF software in your computer to view this item. Nearly all computers have this software, but if you do not, download it free from here. If you have problems, consult your site’s information systems manager.

6.) I Have Questions About College Credit for Live Course Participants

If college credit was offered at the event you attended, the homework was detailed to you (normally) immediately following the first break. This assignment applies only to live course attendess. The rules for online participants vary significantly from what is listed here. Your seminar homework is the Pre-Test, Post-Test and 50 Better Coping, School, and Social Skills strategies. Send it to Youth Change, 275 N. Third St., Woodburn, OR 97071. Send it regular mail and do not require a signature as the item may never reach us if our office is unstaffed when the mail arrives. We do not accept homework via fax or email as we are unable to print out your assignment for you.

For your list of strategies, use interventions covered in class. Each strategy can be described briefly using just a few words or a short phrase Typing up your list is not required. You may number your notes from class if you wish.

If you can not have your assignment in within 2 weeks, mail a note to us and you will get a six month extension. We do not accept requests for extensions by any other method, just regular mail. If you request an extension, your grade will show as “I” for Incomplete.

Seattle Pacific University provides credit for our live and online classes.

The homework requirements and time lines are the same for both universities.

You get your grade and transcript directly from the university. SPU provides excellent “customer service” and will work hard to resolve any issues or needs you have. To reach SPU for help, visit their web site, https://www.spu.edu, or call and ask for Continuing Ed.

Please do not contact Youth Change for questions about receiving grades or transcripts as those items are completely managed by the university. We can only help with issues that relate to the seminar homework and the course grade you are given.

SPU credit should work well for teachers and special educators who need to earn college credit hours to gain a salary increase, or counselors, social workers, juvenile court workers, justice workers, therapists and others who are working on a degree.

To see if your governing body or university will accept SPU credit, consult your contact at your governing board or university. SPU is a regionally accredited university, which is the designation that nearly all entities want.

We usually have special hours available for teachers, special educators, social workers, LPCs, counselors, MFTs, and family therapists in states where special hours are required. We also always have Washington State OSPI Teacher and Educator Hours.

The college credit may also be substituted for those hours in some states, but check with your governing body or supervisor. A list of available hours for each discipline was posted on the wall at the seminar you attended, and was included in the course flyer for the professional development seminar you attended if you attended a general session sponsored by us. Here is our current professional development workshop flyer.

We do not archive copies of old workshop flyers online, and regret that old seminar flyers are unavailable once the courses have finished.

7.) I Need the Quotes I Heard

From Will C. Wood Middle School wall:
“Our task is to provide an education and help for the kinds of kids we have, not the kind of kids we used to have, or want to have, or the kind of kid that exists in our dreams.”

Closing Seminar Quote from Tom Brokaw
“If we can not care for children and secure for them a future filled with promise not despair, then all the other achievements of this society shall be diminished. There is no more important test of a nation’s place in history than the condition of its children.”

Hiam Ginott Quote
“I’ve come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. My personal approach creates the climate. My daily mood makes the weather. As a teacher I possess a tremendous power to make a child’s life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or dehumanized.”

8.) I Need an Agenda with Times for the Seminar

These are all the available options for more detailed information on the Breakthrough Strategies professional development seminar you attended. Please select one or more from this list. Note that this is a comprehensive list of all the seminar descriptions that we have available, so there is no need to contact us for additional items as all workshop summary items are posted here. We hope that one of these seminar descriptions will meet your needs to provide your site with detailed information on the workshop.

The Breakthrough Strategies workshop flyer.

The Breakthrough Strategies Workshop Agenda.

The Breakthrough Strategies Workshop Information Page with comprehensive data on the professional development course.

College Credit and CEU Information with detailed credit, clock hours, and CEU information. Also, please read the section above on college credit.

9.) I Need Another Copy of My Certificate of Completion for Clock Hours/CEUs

As noted on the large yellow sign behind the registration table, we can only provide you your clock hours/CEU certificate in person at the workshop. The rules that govern the awarding of hours are very specific, and require that we know you are present at the time the certificate is awarded, and that the number of hours shown on the certificate are accurate. We can not mail you the certificate after class because by then we have no way of knowing if you were present when class concluded.

Therefore, we regret that we can’t replace lost, damaged or forgotten certificates no matter how much we might like to help. Please note that this policy is not ours to make. We simply follow the rules placed on all organizations who are granted the authority to award professional development certificates for hours and units. We are unaware of any way that we can help you and comply with this standard.

The only options we can suggest are: 1.) We can email you a note indicating that you did arrive and attend the start of class. 2.) We can provide you with an emailed duplicate receipt for your payment. 3.) You can attend the workshop again. As a past participant, you may come back for free if you register with someone else; or return alone for half-price. Here are our next workshop dates. 4.) You can purchase the online workshop and receive a certificate of completion for the recorded version of the seminar. That option does require that you submit a pre- and post-test even though that was not a requirement for the certificate in the live class. Click here to learn about the online workshop.

10.) Where Can I Find the Books Mentioned in the Seminar That Aren’t Published by Youth Change?

The “big” books you saw during the seminar (that had spiral binding) are published by Pro-Ed of Austin, Texas. The four volumes make up The Personal Power Series. You can buy the set, or buy individual volumes. You can find these books listed on the green order sheet that was in your folder; click here to get that order sheet now. You can also go to Pro-Ed’s web site and order the books by clicking here. Call Pro-Ed at 800.897.3202 or 512.451.3246. The Personal Power: Developing Appropriate Teacher Interaction Skills (#8473) book is the volume that matches the Mt. Adams School to Life Curriculum that was passed around in class. You can find that curriculum here, or scroll up the page.

Here are the other titles mentioned in class:

Dear Teacher: If You Only Knew, edited by John Seryak

Secret Survivors, by E. Sue Blume

Betrayal Trauma, by Jennifer J. Freyd

An Unquiet Mind, by Kay Redfield Jamison

High Risk: Children Without Conscience, by Ken Magid

Most, but not all Youth Change books are also available on amazon.com, and also here on our site (click). Some items are sold only by Youth Change.

11.) Can I Get More of Your Instant Download Handouts Free Here at Your Website?

All our handouts can be purchased as instant download ebooks by clicking here. However, there are dozens and dozens of free handouts scattered throughout the site so people can view and try some of the worksheets before purchasing. There is not one place on the site that contains all of those free handouts so you really have to surf around our site to see them all because they are literally all over the site.

To save you surfing around the site, here is a link to a page that has dozens of free worksheets and links to another similar resource page. Our Facebook page is also chock full of student worksheets and other resources.

12.) Where can I get the Personal Power books that Ruth Herman Wells Wrote for Pro-Ed Publishers?

The Personal Power books by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. were published by Pro-Ed Publishers, but are now available through Youth Change Workshops. These are the “big” books with the plastic comb bindings that you saw on the display tables during the workshop.

You are probably most interested in the How to Become an Effective Student book that is the basis for the Pre-K to Grade 12 Mt. Adams School District’s “School to Life School” Skills Training Curriculum spreadsheet that Ruth passed around. That book and the rest of that series are all available here.

13.) What is the participant warranty you offer on helping with student problems after the workshop is over?

We stand behind our workshop. If you ever run into a child or teen who we did not sufficiently prepare you to manage, we will help you no matter how long ago you took our workshop. Our workshop participant warranty means we’re here to help our past workshop participants for an unlimited amount of time after your workshop session concluded. You can call or email with your question, and we will help. You can also use the Live Expert Help button on the bottom right of any page to contact us. Our contact information is here. We care about you and your students, and we’ll always be here to help. You’re not alone in your classroom or office anymore. Find more details on our professional development workshop warranty here.


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