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Classroom Management Podcast
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Classroom Management Fixes

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Workshop presenter Ruth Herman WellsOur 5 Minute Classroom Fixes Podcast is your Problem Student Problem-Solver. It's your best source of lightening-fast classroom management strategies for even your worst student behavior problems.

The podcasts are created and narrated by Youth Change Workshops' director, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.

Ruth is a veteran author and workshop presenter. She's easy to listen to, and packs a tremendous amount of professional development into a very short podcast.

teacher audio books audio bookJust plug into your iPod or MP3 player, get out your smart phone, or log in on your computer, and listen and solve your worst classroom and group behavior management problems.

In a fast five minutes or less, trainer Ruth Herman Wells  delivers immediate solutions to turnaround even serious classroom management problems like bad behavior, delinquency, school and work refusal, bad attitudes, work refusal, truancy, bullying, conflict, ADHD, Asperger's, dropping out, gangs, tardiness, disrespect and discouragement.

It's fast, effective help that makes working with difficult adolescents and children less difficult.

If you like listening to fast podcast solutions, be sure to check out Ruth Herman Wells' more comprehensive, in-depth, intervention-packed audio books. You can own these classroom management problem-solvers in just 60 seconds.

student5 Minute Classroom Fixes Podcast

Problem Student Problem-Solver Podcasts for Teachers

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5 Minute Classroom Management Fixes Podcast


Back-to-School Classroom Management Interventions for Student Success

It's back-to-school time. Instead of just re-stating expectations this year, try teaching specific school classroom behavior management skills instead. You'll love the results.

Students Wanted: No Training Provided

Few school districts have a curriculum to teach kids how to be prepared, motivated,behaved students. That's why so many kids don't look, act or sound like students.

School Violence Prevention: How to Prevent Violence Before It Starts

School shootings often happen in May. Since it's mid-April, it's an important time to talk about violence prevention that isn't just theory but also useful.

Why Discipline Doesn't Work and Discipline Interventions That Work Better

Discipline in your classroom or school can be out of control. We'll explain what's going wrong and give interventions you can use instead.

Control the Uncontrollable Student: Why Nothing Works with Some Students

Conduct disorders are your most misbehaved students. Learn why discipline doesn't work with them, and what classroom management methods work when ordinary strategies fail.

The Most Bogus Beliefs About Bullying: Methods for Bullies and Bullied Students

Teachers and Counselors: Here's the truth about preventing and managing bullying in school, classroom, hallways, on the playground and on the bus.

Motivational Methods: Do You Need Education to be King of the Road?

Stop using yesterday's methods with today's students. This podcast delivers innovative motivational strategies for unmotivated, apathetic, bored, failing K-12 students

audio books on behavior problemsLike our fast-paced problem-stopping classroom management podcasts?

Check out the innovative audio and podcast resources shown below. These professional development resources are far more comprehensive than our 5 Minute Classroom Management Fixes Podcast but use the same easy-to-listen-to format

Whether you are a teacher, social worker, juvenile justice staff member, or principal, the audio books shown below can give you thorough help right now. You're looking at our Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems audio books series, packed with answers for poor motivation and extremely misbehaved students. The series also includes some of our most popular behavior and classroom strategies. The Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems series also is available as an ebook or paperback.

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motivate students  audio book

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