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school postersBehavior Improvement


Motivational, Attitude-Adjusting, Skill-Building Posters
for Schools, Classrooms and Counseling Programs

You’ve never seen posters like these before! They’re going to rock your classroom, office, or school hallway. You saw them in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, and now you can see them everyday in your school. Designed to creatively and surprisingly convey vital messages to your youngsters, these unusual posters are especially crafted to complement our classroom management lesson books, interventions and other resources. $8 each. More Details


Live and Online WorkshopsLive & Online

Professional Development Workshops

Practical, fast-paced courses that deliver hundreds of
more effective strategies for troubled and problem students
1 to 10 Hour Classes with College Credit & Clock Hours

Quickly solve your worst student behavior problems without leaving home. Even better, earn college credit and free clock hours while solving the most persistent and serious social, emotional and school behavior problems presented by children and teens from 5 to 18 years old. 60 seconds after you purchase the online class, you can immediately view the video. Our online professional development courses include Control Uncontrollable Students and Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers. From $39. More Details


Classroom Management resourcesBreakthrough Strategies to

Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth

Behavior and Classroom Management Series
11 Volumes of Lesson Plans and Student Printable Worksheets

This series is packed with must-have, innovative interventions to turnaround problems with aggression, anger control, work refusal, tardiness, withdrawal, non-compliance, poor motivation, school failure, classroom management, peer conflict, low self-esteem, bad attitudes, truancy, dropping out, and more. These are surprising, one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing methods that you can’t get anywhere else. Best of all, these approaches are designed to work when conventional approaches fail. Titles include Temper and Tantrum Tamers,Turn On the Turned-Off Student and Last Chance School Success Guide. From $15. More Details


Behavior Change classroom management booksBehavior Change Handouts

Reproducible Student Behavior Improvement Worksheets
Two Volumes in Book and eBook Format

Get your favorite worksheets all in one place. This two volume collection of reproducible worksheets is ready to use, and ready to solve your worst classroom and group management problems, along with the emotional and social problems you encounter. These are teacher/counselor worksheets like no others. They’re dynamic, eye-catching, and offer compelling ways to change students’ behavior, attitudes and motivation.  The two titles in this series are Controlling Myself and My Feelings and Becoming a Motivated and Prepared Student. The worksheets cover a wide range of “kid problems” and use unexpected methods, cartoons and creative devices to hammer home your message. From $28. More Details


Best classroom resource booksAll the Best Answers for the

Worst Kid Problems

Real-World Strategies to Motivate, Build Success
and Improve Behavior Problems
3 Volumes in Book, eBook, Audio Book Format

The place to turn for fast help. You” find use-now solutions even for hard-to-impact problems like poor motivation, defiance, extreme misconduct, attendance, dropping out, and classroom management issues. The All the Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems series will quickly become your new, go-to guide, helping you more quickly address and manage even your most serious student behavior issues. Volumes include Anti-Social Youth and Conduct Disorders, Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers and Forgotten Favorite Strategies. From $15. Details


Quickest Classroom Management Resources BooksThe Quickest Kid


Concise, Ready-to-Use, Innovative Strategies for
Student Motivational and Behavior Problems by Topic
5 Volumes in Book and eBook Format

When you have many youth problems, but little time, these are the books that can help right away. Get quick interventions listed by problem areas. Get concisely-worded, ready-to-use interventions for truancy, ADD, bad attitudes, attendance, apathy, conduct disorders, classroom management problems, poor motivation, school failure, and much more. Whatever “kid problems” you face, this series has the answers. From $15. Details


Student Effectiveness Training resource booksPersonal Power Student Effectiveness Training

Landmark Lesson Plan and Student Worksheet Book Series
Comprehensive Coping, School, Social Skills Curriculum
4 Volumes in Book Format from Pro Ed Publishers

This program is your comprehensive behavior and classroom management resource. Turnaround nearly any social, emotional, or school behavior problem with this landmark series of behavior improvement lesson plans and reproducible printable worksheets. There are 100 lesson plans per book, many with eye-catching worksheets.There are a whopping 400 lesson plans in the entire series so you know you’re going to find the exact lesson activity you need every time. Don’t get stuck with resources that cover only a portion of the problems your students present. Get the series designed to cover all the behavior and classroom management problems you face each day. Volumes include Developing Appropriate Classroom Skills; Gaining Self Control; Peer Interaction Skills; and Becoming an Effective Student. Originally published by Pro Ed Publishers, now published by Youth Change. $39 each. Details



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