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Youth Change Professional Development Workshop’s website has attracted so much attention that we can’t fit all the news on one page any more.

teacher professional developmentHere are older news stories from 1996-2011 about our books for teachers and counselors;  popular school posters; information-packed Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog; our new online classes and webinars; plus information about the awards and accolades that the site has been receiving.

Links can change so if a link is no longer working, we can do our best to track down the resource for you. We work hard to make sure that everything you need is on our site and ready to go, but if you find something missing, just email us.


Youth Change Provides Webinars
to K-12 Online Teacher Inservice Training Provider

classroom management workshopsYouth Change provided classroom management inservice webinars during Fall 2011 to Simple K12. Professionals can receive similar training from Youth Change by coming to a live seminar, scheduling an on-site training at your school, conference or agency, or by checking out our online webinar opportunities. For a flyer and more details on these options, click here.   October, 2011.


Youth Change
Partners with SimpleK12
for Classroom Management Webinars

online workshopYouth Change and have partnered to present a series of classroom behavior management webinars. The webinars include Control the Uncontrollable Student on 8-16-11, Motivation-Makers: Turnaround Your Most Unmotivated Students on 8-23-11, and At-Risk Students: Everything You Need to Know But Were Never Taught on 9-13-11. Simple12 is the host of the webinars, and is graciously offering the first webinar free to everyone. However, SimpleK12 is allowing friends of Youth Change to attend all three webinars at no charge. Early registration is suggested as seats are limited. All webinars begin at 1 PM Eastern Time, and will last an hour. Participants will learn use-now, more effective strategies, and will receive free reproducible worksheets, posters, and other resources.   June, 2011.


Youth Change Posters
Set to Star in
Canadian TV Show on YTV

Give me five classroom posterYouth Change’s popular posters are now even more popular. Fresh off of their return engagement in the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, the posters are now ready to make their international debut. The new season of Mr. Young, a YTV show, will feature the posters on the classroom and school sets. Our posters are so great they could star in your classroom too. Look at our charismatic, irresistible posters here (click).   June, 2011.


Youth Change Ranked by Alexa
in Top 65,000 Sites
in U.S.

Youth Change was ranked as one of the top 65,000 sites in the U.S. in June, according to That is a 30% increase in popularity in the past few months. Thanks to all the teachers, counselors, juvenile court workers, protective services staff, treatment center staff, psychologists, school counselors, family therapists, and social workers who made us a top destination on the web for anyone who works with troubled and challenged children and teens.   June, 2011.


Youth Change
Announces Spring 2012 Seminar

Youth Change’s Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop returns to Seattle, Washington on May 3-4, 2012. To view the workshop flyer, click here. To view more extensive workshop details, click here. To request a half-price $84 financial aid work study slot, call 503-982-4220. This seminar normally fills up, so register ahead if possible. To get a very special rate of just $99 per night on guest rooms with a full breakfast included, call the hotel host, Holiday Inn Sea Tac at 206-824-3200.   May, 2011.


Yet Another Starring Role for
Youth Change Workshop’s Popular Classroom Posters

Youth Change posters have yet another starring role in a movie. On June 11, the posters debut in an ABC TV movie called Field of Vision. See what the fuss is about by viewing our cool, spotlight-grabbing posters in action. All of us at Youth Change are wondering if our posters could be the most broadcast posters anywhere, now having appeared in countless movies and TV shows.   May, 2011.


Youth Change’s Popular Classroom Management and Motivational Posters
Reprise Starring Role in
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Sequel

classroom posterYouth Change posters are starring again in the sequel to the hit movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie: Roderick Rules, that opened recently in theaters throughout North America. If you want to own the same posters that appear in the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movies, click here. Everyone here at Youth Change is so proud of the impact our posters have had in classrooms around North America, but we never anticipated that the posters would capture so much attention in the media. In fact, our posters are so popular that they need their own agent. The posters have just completed negotiations with a production company affiliated with NBC to be featured on the set of another edition of Magic Eye, a family-friendly movie sequel that has just begun filming. The posters are also in talks with a Canadian production company to headline in a TV show whose name can not be released yet since the deal has not been completed. If our posters can “wow” theater-goers, imagine how much these dynamic powerhouses can “wow” your students. View our innovative, problem-stopping classroom management posters here.   March, 2011.


Personal Power: Student Effectiveness Training Books
Now Available in Australia and New Zealand

lesson bookYouth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells’ Personal Power: Student Effectiveness Training books are now available in Australia and New Zealand via Pro Ed Australia. That includes Succeeding with Self: Gaining Self-Control; Succeeding with Others: Developing Peer Interaction Skills; Succeeding in School: Classroom Behavior Skills; and Succeeding in School: Becoming an Effective Student volumes. Click here for details on the only books that train students to succeed in all areas of need, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. The student training books are also still available through Pro Ed in the United States here. Read more details on these lesson plan books here. Download ordering information on the book series here.   March, 2011.


Youth Change’s Founder and Trainer
Ranked #3 Top Elementary Ed Speaker in the U.S.

elementary education speakerYouth Change Director, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. has been ranked as the #3 Elementary Education Speaker in the U.S. as of January, 2011 (see graphic). Ruth was ranked as #6 Speaker in Portland, Oregon, #7 for Educational High School Speakers, and she made the site’s Top 10 List in other categories including #8 Educational Administration Speakers. Since she was selected from thousands of speakers, Ruth is excited about achieving such high rankings in the education speaking field. See for yourself why Ruth is one of the most beloved, effective, in-demand trainers in North America (click).   January, 2011.


Seattle, Washington Course
Scheduled for May 5-6, 2011

Youth Change’s Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop is coming to Seattle, Washington on May 5-6, 2011. The seminar offers a couple of reduced fee workshop registration slots for teachers and other youth workers on a tight budget. Call 800-545-5736 to get the details and to grab a half-price work-study financial aid slot now while openings remain. Get more workshop information by clicking here. View the workshop flyer here.   December, 2010.


Youth Change Workshops Selected
One of the Top 50 Resources for Students

Youth Change Workshops has made another “Best of” list. We’ve been selected as One of the Top 50 Resources for Students. Youth Change’s website is a huge warehouse of free and affordable teacher resources. Those resources include podcasts, books, ebooks, workshops, strategies, educational articles, Live Expert Help, posters, and much more. Youth Change Workshops is your Problem Student Problem-Solver.  December, 2010.


Youth Change Selected as One of
100 Excellent Continuing Ed Sites for Teachers

Youth Change is listed as One of 100 Excellent Continuing Education Sites for Teachers (click to view). Our popular Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop is offered live, as online distance learning, and on-site. Continuing ed hours and college credit are offered. We appreciate this new acknowledgement, one of many accolades that our continuing education workshops have received. Our next general session presentation of the Breakthrough Strategies Workshop is scheduled for Seattle, Washington on May 5-6, 2011. Find information on that upcoming continuing ed inservice here.   October, 2010.


Inspirational Career Education Posters
Can Reach Even Your Most Unmotivated, Most Unreachable Students

Our new, inspirational career ed posters are already very popular with teachers, job trainers, vocational counselors, special educators, and work site coordinators. We receive lots of nice notes and pictures from people who have purchased our innovative posters, and want to let us know how they used our resources. Here is a picture from a special education teacher who turned our career education posters into a big wall of inspiration to maximize the impact. His innovative creation is too big for even the most distracted, most unreachable, most unmotivated student to miss. View our powerful, inspirational career posters here.   October, 2010.


The Evaluations Are In–
for Youth Change’s Fall 2010 Portland Teacher Training Conference

Now you can see for yourself if our workshop lives up to its billing. Our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop always gets great reactions from participants, but our 2010 Portland, Oregon evaluations were just so effusive, we had to post them for you to see too. Here are four examples of participants’ reactions to our recent Portland, Oregon inservice course:
Evaluation 1   Evaluation 2   Evaluation 3   Evaluation 4
October, 2010.


School Zone Webguide Awards 4 Stars to
Youth Change

School Zone has awarded Youth Change four stars (out of five) in it’s evaluation of our website’s value for teachers and other educators. A whopping 1,200,420 users visited our site after reading about us on School Zone.   October, 2010.


Youth Change
Director Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.
Included in Speaker Wiki

Speaker Wiki, a wiki that lists American speakers has rated Youth Change’s Ruth Herman Wells a Top 10 U.S. education speaker. Read more on our site about Ruth Herman Wells, and her keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions.   September, 2010.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Sequel to Feature
Youth Change Posters Again

motivational posterAs the producers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid announced a sequel to their surprise hit film, they issued a statement that acknowledged the unusual school posters they used in the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. Youth Change Workshops is credited for providing the attention-grabbing posters seen on the walls of the school and classrooms throughout the film. The studio’s statement released July 27, 2010 said: “It’s been a year since we filmed Diary of a Wimpy Kid which was received to great acclaim. Now, the kid who made wimpy cool, is back! Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules has begun prep to go to camera towards the end of this August. We had a large variety of Youth Change posters displayed throughout the school set in the first movie and would love to do the same again.” Since that statement was issued, the film’s set designers purchased all-new posters for the movie’s school and classroom walls so you can watch for more Youth Change creations when the sequel is released. View more Youth Change posters here. September, 2010.


Alexa Ranks Youth Change
as the 76,475th Most Popular Site in the U.S.

Alexa Traffic Rank now shows Youth Change as the 76,475th Most Popular Site in the U.S., quite an accomplishment since our website is aimed at a very narrow group of teachers, principals, special educators, juvenile court workers, foster parents, mental health staff, and child protection agency workers. We’re very pleased that when youth professionals think of helping problem children and adolescents, they think of Youth Change, the Problem Kid Problem-Solver. We’re excited that our one-of-a-kind books, lesson plans, worksheets, downloads, videos, posters, expert advice, educational articles, tutorials, and innovative strategies are being so heavily used to solve students’ behavior, social, and emotional problems.


October 7-8, 2010 Teachers’ Inservice Workshop
Still Has Half-Price Work Study Financial Aid Slots Available

Youth Change’s October 7-8, 2010 Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop in Portland, Oregon still has a couple of reduced fee workshop registration slots for teachers and other youth workers who need financial aid. Call 800-545-5736 to get the details and to grab a half-price slot now while openings remain. Be sure to call as soon as you can since this workshop is held on Oregon Teacher Inservice Days, and the demand for financial aid is likely to be high this year. However, Youth Change will do its best to ensure that no teacher is turned away because of financial need. Get more workshop information by clicking here.   September, 2010.


Youth Change’s Fall 2010
Training Workshop Flyer
is Released

Youth Change’s Fall 2010 teacher-counselor workshop flyer is out. Click here, opens in a new window. The flyer has all the information you need about our fall course schedule and includes the registration form you need to sign up.   August, 2010.


Youth Change Posters Star in Hit Movie
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Features Posters

school motivational posterDiary of a Wimpy Kid, the surprise hit movie of 2010, features classroom posters created by Youth Change Workshops. “Are those the posters that I saw in the movie?” is a question we’re hearing more and more as the movie becomes increasingly popular, and heads to video. The movie’s classroom sets show Youth Change’s attention-grabbing, best-selling posters on their walls. While the staff at Youth Change are used to hearing lots of nice comments about our posters, usually the compliments come from people who actually work in real classrooms, but it’s nice to see that our posters are stars in all kind of settings.


Youth Change’s Spring 2010
Training Flyer
is Released

Our current workshop flyer is out. Click here. The inservice flyer has detailed information on our spring workshops. It also has a registration form.   January, 2010.


Alexa Lists Youth Change Workshops
as the 87,555 Most Popular
Website in the U.S. reports that Youth Change Workshops ( is one of the 100,000 Most Popular Sites in the U.S., ranking 87,555 of all American websites. More and more teachers, counselors, principals, foster parents, court workers, and juvenile justice officers are turning to Youth Change Workshop for the best conferences, distance learning, books, ebooks, videos, and posters.


New Spring SEEN Magazine Column Published:
Problem Solved: Staff Development:
Your Fastest Fix for Serious Student Behavior Problems

SEEN Magazine, the teacher magazine of the southeastern U.S., has just published Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells’ new column on staff development. It’s in the Spring issue, and details how school-wide teacher training may be the best classroom management fix that exists.


Youth Change Releases Startling New Posters
on Dress Code Violations, Motivating Wannabe Sports Stars,
Teacher Interaction Skills, and More

classroom posterThere are no words that can substitute for seeing our newest, most over-the-top posters. You’ve never seen such powerful motivational, inspirational, behavior change posters like these anywhere before so you won’t want to miss any of them. These innovative, one-of-a-kind posters can actually improve students’ motivation, school behavior, interest in school, and teacher interactions. There are even posters for students who “don’t need school” because they plan to become NBA, NFL, or MLB sports stars. Only $8 each, these posters are designed to actually transform your students when more conventional, ordinary, less compelling techniques fail. They are a good example of the type of state-of-the-art approaches schools should employ if they want to engineer reform efforts that actually work well, and are a good fit for contemporary students.   January, 2010. Selects
Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Series
as Books That are Great for Teachers

Yet another award for one our books! Youth Change’s Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Series by Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., was selected by as “Books That are Great for Teachers.” This series continues to rack up awards and kudos, and to be Youth Change’s most popular offering.   January, 2010. Recommends Youth Change
Gives Us a Glowing Four & Half Star Review

Excerpts from’s online report on Youth Change’s ebooks: “We can recommend this product and we suggest joining the ranks of its other happy customers… With an above average rating, this is definitely one to seriously consider purchasing… Does Youth Change deliver on its claims? We have calculated that it has an approximate refund rate of 1.33% when purchased at the standard price of $15.00 which is extremely low, and tells us that almost all customers were pleased with the product. We also considered various additional factors in order to calculate the site’s trust rank. It scored 4.85/5 which is above average and wins the site points. Bearing all this in mind we have given Youth Change an overall rating of 4.44/5 .”  January, 2010.


Youth Change Selected as a
Favorite Place on Google

Google notified us today that Youth Change is a “Favorite Place on Google” based on how often people visited our site during the third quarter of 2009. That makes Youth Change one of the most popular destinations on the internet for K-12 educators, counseling professionals, and youth workers. December, 2009.


Winter 2009 Issue of SEEN Magazine Published
With New “Problem Solved” Column
by Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.

The Winter 2009 issue of SEEN Magazine has been mailed to subscribers. This issue contains Youth Change’s Director, Ruth Herman Wells’ second column. This column is filled with innovative motivational strategies. December, 2009. Ranks Youth Change Workshops’ Website
in the Top 100,000 U.S. Websites

As of November, 2009, shows Youth Change’s website as having a rank of 98,961 of all U.S. websites, putting our site well into the Top 100,000 U.S. websites. 98,961    November, 2009.


Youth Change Workshops Director Ruth Herman Wells Column
for SEEN Magazine Launches

The Fall 2009 issue of SEEN Magazine, the leading K-12 education magazine in the Eastern and Southern U.S. has been mailed to subscribers. This issue contains Youth Change’s Director, Ruth Herman Wells’ first column. Read that column here. Ruth’s new column is called “Problem Solved” and it delivers exciting, new classroom management strategies. Each column includes a free worksheet but the debut column includes three printables. Learn more about Ruth’s new column and SEEN Magazine here.


The American Literary Review has published an excerpt from Youth Change’s founder, Ruth Herman Wells’ memoir.

Ruth Herman Wells’ The War Zone I Call Home is included in the Fall 2008 issue of the American Literary Review. This issue of the ALR was just released (January 2009). This story is an excerpt from Wells’ unpublished memoir. Please note that the bio included for Ruth Wells by ALR in this issue has many factual errors. Although Ruth is excited to have her work selected by the ALR for inclusion in such a prestigious publication, she is concerned about correcting these errors for the record. Purchase this print issue of the ALR for $7 on the ALR website. As of this date, ALR content is available only in print, not online.


Youth Change Posters to “Star” in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie

20th Century Fox has purchased ten of Youth Change’s popular motivational posters to be set dressing for their new movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Those of you with elementary students may recognize the title as the name of a very popular children’s book. As of this date, (August 2009), the movie is starting production in Vancouver, but watch for our posters on the classroom wall once the movie is released. This is not the first time our posters have appeared in major movies and TV productions, but this may be their “biggest” media appearance. Keep your eye out for our popular, one-of-a-kind posters in their “race for the top.”


Youth Change Workshops’ Director Ruth Herman Wells Selected Columnist for SEEN Magazine

SEEN Magazine, the leading K-12 education magazine in the Eastern and Southern U.S. has selected Youth Change’s Director, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. to write a regular column in each issue of the print publication. The column is called “Problem Solved” and offers practical, innovative methods for classroom management problems, and includes a free worksheet in every issue. Learn more about Ruth’s new column and SEEN Magazine here.


More Accolades for Youth Change’s Website Keep Coming In

Youth Change Workshops has been rated #47 as of August 5, 2009, on Online Education’s “100 Excellent Continuing Ed Sites for Teachers.” Here is a PDF of Online Education’s list in case the link changes or goes away. We are so pleased to keep getting noticed.


Youth Change’s Resource website Makes Alexa’s list of Top Sites for K-12 Education.

Youth Change’s website is Number 58 as of May 19, 2009 on Alexa’s list of Top K-12 Education sites for educators. We suspect our website earned that honor because it is so packed with must-have resources for not just educators but elementary, middle and high school teachers, counselors, special educators, foster parents, aides, court workers, corrections counselors, and everyone else who knows an at-risk, special, defiant or difficult child or teen. View a screen print of the Top K-12 Education sites here (click; new window opens).


Youth Change’s Popular Posters Hit the Big Time

You’ve probably seen Youth Change’s popular behavior change posters before. Sure, you might have seen them in a neighboring teacher’s classroom, or on the wall in the hallway at your youth treatment center, but did you know you may have seen them on the screen too? That’s right. Youth Change’s posters are part of the set of quite a few national productions. Watch for our surprisingly different school and counseling posters (click) whenever you are watching a program about youth or children. For example, you might be able to spot our posters in the new feature film, Snowmen, or if you have Showtime on your TV, see if you can spot our posters on the set of the show, Possible Side Effects.


Chicago School District Confronts Dropouts Using a Familiar Method

Chicago schools have adopted a plan to confront potential dropouts with the realities they will face. Our longtime favorite method “Your Certificate of Dropping Out of School” (click to view) sounds exactly like what they’re using.


Our Workshop Makes the News Twice in a Single Week

Twice in a single week, our Breakthrough Strategies Workshop receives terrific write-ups. You can view many of our recent articles here includng articles from the Orlando Sentinel, and also the Daytona Beach News Journal. Youth Change has been pretty popular over the years with articles also appearing in The Monterey County Herald (July, 2002), Teacher.Net Gazette (February 2003), Youth Today The Newspaper of Youth Work (March/April, 1993), Counterpoint Magazine Published by the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (Fall, 1996); The Gleaner (August, 2000), The Portland Oregonian (March, 1992), and the Lewis County Herald (April 2002). These articles are just a few examples of the reporting that has been done on Youth Change’s workshops and intervention resources over the years. Let us know if you would like a copy of any of these pieces.


A book published by Youth Change, and authored by Ruth Herman Wells M.S. is Named
“1 of the Top 100 Books on Domestic Violence”

A Child’s Guide to a Troubled Family is listed on the Online Dictionary of Mental Health as one of the top books addressing domestic violence. Click here to view this list.  Click here to view this book for teachers, counselors and social workers. It’s currently in position 77.


Youth Change Workshops On the Cover of Oregon Newspaper

Youth Change’s classroom management ideas, education and mental health seminars, and teacher resources are highlighted in this cover story (click here to view).

Current Youth Change Workshop News

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