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cheap classroom postersWe have hundreds of posters— you can see them all in numerical order here or you can view them sorted by topic from the box below. But maybe you’re still looking because though we have hundreds of choices, you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for. Maybe Poster #608 shown at right wasn’t what you were picturing for your classroom walls, for example. We may be able to help, and, even better, if we accept your idea and agree to design and make your custom poster, we’ll send it to you free. So, if you’re a teacher, counselor, social worker or school guidance counselor on a tight budget and wishing you could find just the right poster for free, or, failing that, perhaps you’re hoping to find just the right cheap poster, we may be able to help. Read on below for the fast and easy details.

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cheap motivational poster for late bloomersSo, even though we have hundreds and hundreds of affordable classrooms posters for you to choose from, maybe you didn’t find just the exact poster you were looking for. That’s where our Design a Custom Poster project comes in. Here’s how it works: You send us an email (click here) and tell us all the details of your idea for your perfect, custom classroom poster. We’ll review your poster idea and if we accept your idea and make your poster, we’ll send you the very first copy of that new creation. That’s our way of thanking you for your winning suggestion. We know you’ll love getting just the exact classroom poster you want, and that we sent it to you absolutely free.

Youth Change Workshops’ Design a Custom Poster project is a terrific resource if you have a lot of imagination and ideas, but not much budget to buy even cheap posters for your classroom. So you’ve now read the main information that you need to know to submit your best classroom poster ideas. But, below, there’s some hints and guides to help you submit poster ideas that have a better chance of being accepted by us. We strongly encourage you to read those guidelines for poster submission before submitting anything. Hey, you may end up with lots of better-than cheap, totally free classroom posters so it may be worth your time to read on. Even, better, there is no limit on how many ideas you can submit so you can end up with lots of awesome, made-just-for-you, free posters that are going to transform your classroom and hallways.

With Youth Change’s new Design a Custom Poster project now online, maybe it’s time to stop hunting all over for cheap classroom posters, and put your energy to use in a different way. You might just end up with the exact classroom posters you’ve been seeking but at a much better-than-cheap price: Free! Email you best poster ideas here.

Here’s the guidelines to help you submit winning ideas:

  1. The poster must be suitable for K-12 classrooms, special ed, schools, counseling and similar settings.
  2. The poster can’t already exist elsewhere. We can’t copy other people’s words, or re-use their are or photos, or create knockoffs of existing posters that might violate copyright law or best practice ethics. Your idea must be unique and different from what already exists
  3. The poster has to have broad appeal. We will be selling your poster to others so it has to be likeable by someone besides you. So, no, it can’t say “Benson High School” on it or “Mrs. Sanchez’s Classroom.” The poster has to be marketable to teachers, principals, special educators, counselors, juvenile justice staff, social workers, foster parents or similar.
  4. cheap student success postersYour idea will become our property whether or not we make your creation. It is still going to become our property even if you don’t like our creation, or even if you do. Bottom line: all rights will belong to Youth Change from the moment of submission. If this is a concern to you, please don’t submit anything. Your free classroom poster will be your only compensation, with nothing more to follow. If your idea is turned into an actual poster, we will copyright the idea so only submit your creations if you are okay with these rules.
  5. We can’t use slogans, trademarks, product names or anything that violates copyright rules. That is true for the words and art used on the poster.
  6. You can submit your classroom poster ideas using just words but we will take images that you draw or make so long as you paste the images into the body of your email to us. We can’t open any attachments.
  7. What are we looking for the most? Anything that grabs the attention of the people who purchase posters. Of course, the poster has to be great for students, teens and children but first it has to appeal to their teachers, counselors, principals, guidance counselors or school social workers. Poster #537 and Poster #579 (shown above) are two examples of excellent poster creations that get bought up really fast but also have wonderful impact on students.
  8. We strongly suggest you browse our existing posters because your idea will definitely not be accepted if we already offer a highly similar poster. You can view all of our posters very quickly on one very long page here. Alternatively, you can peruse our existing inventory of classroom posters by category using the chart at the top of this page.

Have questions? Let the experts on classroom posters help: 1.800.545.5736 or email us.


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