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Coronavirus Help for K-12 Teachers

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Here are coronavirus resources for K-12 teachers moving at the speed of sound towards setting up and managing their virtual classrooms. Everyone here at Youth Change Workshops is working very hard to churn out useful resources for K-12 teachers who are making the transition from a brick and mortar classroom to a virtual class environment. We’re here to give you help as fast as we can, as best as we can. Please feel free to contact us with specific requests or questions that relate to adapting successfully to the new remote education environment during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll get you the coronavirus help you need as fast as we can.

Coronavirus Help

for K-12 Teachers


covid virus help for K-12 teachers

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The truth is nobody alive is really an expert on teaching during a severe pandemic– but we’re going to learn as fast as we can and provide as much assistance as we possibly can, as quickly as we can. While we work hard to gather resources to support your virtual teaching experience, consider reading some of our free educational articles that are loaded with hundreds of behavior intervention methods to solve traditional brick and mortar classroom management problems. We believe that many of our strategies for more typical classroom management problems will work really well in the virtual environment. How do we know that? Because we have provided training to online academies that routinely provide all their services in a virtual manner.

Further, all of our strategies are designed to leap out at students, to be powerful engagement tools, and to work when conventional K-12 strategies fail. Because of that quality, we are sure that you will find that these approaches will be helpful to you right away, right now. Our methods focus on the exact student problems that you are seeing as you bring your online classroom to life during the coronavirus epidemic. Our strategies are compelling ways to build attendance, motivate the unmotivated, interest the bored student, and create a cooperative, organized, efficient learning environment. Further, we have powerhouse methods for social and emotional issues, which are likely to be worsening during the coronavirus pandemic.

free coronavirus resources for K-12 teachersOur existing how-to, expert articles cover the student issues that occur in both the physical classroom and online environment. We have ready-to-use, problem-stopping answers for students who refuse to work, disruptive students, disrespectful teens, angry youth, disengaged adolescents, and so much more. Our  classroom management professional development articles help you find strategies that get the job done.

Be sure to also subscribe to our monthly K-12 Student Behavior and Classroom Problem-Solver Magazine full of lively, concise professional development educational articles that will help you keep your virtual K-12 classroom working as smoothly as possible.

Competent coronavirus help for K-12 teachers may be a new subject area but count on Youth Change Workshops to lead the way with the newest and best answers as the new methods are developed. Have questions? Need a specific student problem improved? Not sure how to handle students’ social emotional learning needs in a virtual setting? When you need help, just contact us and we will find your answers.

For more thorough information, and a more comprehensive assortment of strategies, also consider checking out our online counselor and teacher training classes that are packed with additional interventions that use so many more modalities than just talk. All include optional college credit or clock hours. Washington State OSPI Hours and Oregon Educator PDUs are offered, as are many other choices.


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