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professional developmentThis is Youth Change Workshop's archive of all past Classroom Management Forum posts from 2009. If you are an educator, mental health professional, juvenile court counselor, foster parent, principal, paraprofessional, special education teacher or MFT, you're on the right resource page.

Counseling and teaching uncooperative, undisciplined, unmanageable, disrespectful, depressed, abused and delinquent children and teens doesn't has to be so difficult with the help we give in our 2009 classroom and group management archive.

This classroom and group management guide is intended to deliver immediate help for educators, mental health workers, school administrators, teachers, and anyone who works with challenging children and teens. Need more help? We have in-person professional development seminars and also online training. Be sure you don't miss our awesome, cool school posters.  For more free expert help, you can email us. You can also call 1.800.545.5736 and ask to speak directly to a graduate-level mental health and classroom management expert.






school inserviceAnswers written by
Author, Keynote Speaker
and Inservice Trainer
Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.




Date: 2009-09-14 Name: Owen Pantert Subject: Quick Question Job Title: Principal Number: 228

Do you think that K-12 educators can be fairly recruited to conduct staff inservice since we can't afford the real thing. Here's the issues: poor motivation, burned out staff, defiance, work refusal, bullying. I sure don't feel I've got the answers and my teachers feel the same way. What do you think?

You and your staff can't will yourselves to become instant experts on poor motivation, burn-out, defiance, and bullying. If you could have, you'd already had done that. So here's my answer. Providing your own inservice makes as much sense as providing your own root canal. Youth Change is a socially responsible company. Call us at 1.800.545.5736 and ask us to donate a portion of our fee if you book us for your inservice day. If that doesn't fit the budget, view the workshop online for $189, or consider our $39 online sessions.For our books, we save damaged copies and sell them at half-price to educators and others. Call us at 1.800.545.5736 to see which books we have in damaged condition and can sell for just $7.50 each. We all talk about "children first." I wish that saying had more truth to it. I'm sorry that your budget isn't giving you what you need to update your staff's skills to properly– and safely– do their job.


Date: 2009-08-23 Name: Cassie Subject: Conduct Disorders Job Title: Vice Principal Number: 18

I'm desperate. I've been told by our school counselor who took your workshop, that until I learn about conduct disorders, I won't have a clue how to get our most rowdy, defiant, disobedient students to behave. I'm in charge of discipline, or at least I'm supposed to be. I need a book or something now. Suggestions?

Your school counselor is correct. There is one book that generates more comment and email to us than any other– especially from educators. Yes, it has the words "conduct" and "disorder" in the title. It is available as an ebook and as a paperback. It's also available as an audio book too. Find "All the Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems: Conduct Disorders and Anti-Social Youth" here. I hope you'll email us a note telling us it was the best $15 you ever spent. We get so many emails that say that. I definitely hope that you'll be able to echo that sentiment. To find articles on the topic, click here.


Date: 2009-07-21 Name: Susie Johnstone Subject: School Counselor Posters Job Title: School Counselor Number: 2280

I saw your poster on the door of an educator colleague at another school. Love it. Where are they? I have learned the hard way that talking isn't enough. Hopefully the posters will help.

Our posters for school counselors are here. Note that you can choose from posters that use the term "counselor" or "social worker." (Plus, educators can find plenty to choose from too). You're right about talking being utterly insufficient with today's challenged students who expect more in this cyber age. We have worksheets to match our posters if you need them. Let us know if you have more questions.


Date: 2009-02-03 21:36:49 Name: Charlene Ellis Subject: tantrums and screaming in kindergarten Job Title: kindergarten teacher Number: 38

I have 5 year twin girls in my room. One is doing well the other tantrums and screams whenever work is required of her which often last an hour or more. I have tried various behavior techniques-extra time to finish, extra lead in time for transitions, one on one conferencing with her as behavior begins to escalate, giving choices and making sure rules and consequences are clear. I try to be as consistent as possible (I am only human), nothing seems to work for more than a few days. Needless to say I am frustrated, angry and having a hard time teaching my other students. HELP! Today she threw pencils at me all morning.

As you well know, what you describe is not within normal limits. Since the behavior is so out of the norm, your response must be equal to it. First, you need to contact the parent and ask if the child has experienced any type of loss or trauma. Twins could cope differently with a loss or trauma, one maintaining while the other doesn't. If that is not a possibility, an assessment by a mental health professional is a very good idea. Without knowing more about what prompts the twin's behavior, it is hard for me to give detailed responses. I would guide you completely differently for an acting-out, traumatized child vs. a child who has just never learned how to behave without tantrumming. If you get more information, write back again. As an aside, I suspect something upsetting may have happened to the student, given the differential behavior from twin to twin. Here are dozens of free articles on managing out-of-control students.


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