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free expert advice student conductAbout the Classroom Management Forum

The Classroom Management Forum is a community service of Youth Change Workshops to the K-12 education community.

This forum offers free expert classroom management advice, guidance and supportive help to currently employed teachers, counselors, foster parents, case workers, therapists, family counselors, principals, social workers, juvenile court staff, psychologists, school nurses, juvenile correctional staff, after-school program workers and other youth professionals.

You’ve reached the 2019 Classroom Management Forum Archive. It contains our best free expert classroom management advice from 2019. If you want to ask a new question of us, you can visit the current Classroom Management Help Forum. You also have the option to email us.

Please note that our free expert classroom management advice is offered only to current youth professionals and paraprofessionals. We regret that due to the volume of inquiries, we are not able to assist parents, grad students and undergraduates seeking assistance. This help service is only intended for use by currently employed people working with children and teens experiencing challenges and obstacles in their home, school, family or community.

Our experts can also answer questions about Youth Change’s educational K-12 expert help articles, online professional development workshops and webinars, live training workshops, classroom posters, books and ebooks. The friendly experts at Youth Change Workshop are always here to help you.  All you have to do is ask.  Email us here.





free expert classroom management advice



Answers written by

Author, Keynote Speaker

and Trainer

Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.



Date:   2019-01-03
Name:   Kailey J.
Subject:   Attendance Building Ideas?
Job Title:   High School Teacher

Desperately seeking attendance builders for older high school students and have found little practical stuff online. Looking for step-by-step ideas.


free expert classroom management helpReply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2019-01-0

We’ve got you covered. If you will start to teach attendance just like any academic topic that you teach, you will see improvement. Plus, including motivation-makers can be a huge help. Let me explain more.

Right now, some of your students see your school as a waste of time. Their attendance reflects that. Others see school as secondary to other concerns like family problems and crises. That’s a lot of why they are absent so much. Until you reverse those types of perception, you’re going to find that the status quo is very hard to fix.

So, the first step is to convince students of the value of school. The second step is to follow one of the step-by-step guides that you will find  in our Expert Help Articles. Look for articles on School Skills and Attendance. But, first you have to change the perceptions of school that contribute to absenteeism so  let’s start there.

Another great resource for motivating unmotivated high school students is our hundreds of highly unusual, unexpected motivational posters. No need to buy any. Instead, note the content of the posters. That content can be immediately used as techniques to build motivation for school.

Our motivational posters thoroughly cover all the reasons students think school is unnecessary or unimportant from “I’ll be a sports start” to “I’ll just marry a wealthy man.” Once students see school  more positively and less like going  to get a root canal, they will be more willing to accept help on how to prepare and organize to get to school on time and stay in class once they arrive.

One example of our popular motivational posters is pictured at right. It’s Poster #1 and it’s got quite the reputation for impacting students’ motivation for the better. Once more motivated, they will show up more– if you also provide them specific training to do so. Be sure to include when to get up, when to put out their school clothes and backpack, when to leave the house and so on. You’ll need to teach all the steps that ideally parents would teach or assist students to do.



free classroom management advice

Date:   2019-03-13
Name:   Sally Gordon
Subject:   School District Professional Development for Summer
Job Title:   School District Staff Development Director


Maybe it’s on your site and I’m not seeing it. Do you have any classroom management professional development workshops options for summer time? We’re looking to get OSPI Washington Teacher Clock Hours for some of our district staff.   


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2019-03-14

We have exactly what you are looking for. In the meantime, note that our professional development workshop general session open to anyone, will be in Seattle, Washington in spring. (I can see you’re from Washington State because of your question and the district name you included with your question.) There are still openings. Here is the link for the workshop information page. The workshop flyer is here. We have work-study scholarships as well, accessed by calling 503-982-4220.

In summer, we are available for on-site presentations but please start early. We tend to fill up each year. We suggest booking by March if at all possible. Because we’re located just south of you near Portland, you could be easy to work into our schedule if we start getting full. However, please note that we do turn away bookings each year as everyone wants the same dates each summer. So, if you want more information on our on-site training that can include 10 Washington State Teacher OSPI clock hours, please contact us soon. We also have college credit if you need that as well.



Date:   2019-07-03
Name:   Charley S.
Subject:  Desperate for Methods for Uncontrollable Students
Job Title:   Teacher


Looking for any and all ideas how to control the most rowdy, misbehaved class of students I’ve had in forever. They are loud, disrespectful and some of them have absolutely no conscience, remorse or boundaries. Some of the bullies in the group will do almost anything to anyone no matter how disgusting, sad or hurtful. Hope you can help. (I thought summer school would be easier. Boy, was I wrong!)


free classroom management adviceReply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2019-07-05

I know exactly how to help. Please learn about a mental health disorder called conduct disorder. There are extensive articles in our free Expert Articles Library. Read everything you can on conduct disorder. You will find this topic clearly listed under the Violence and Aggression category but start first with the 3 Introductory articles.

If you are like many of the professionals who take our live workshops and online courses on the topic, you will find that the playing field becomes more even. The articles will run through the Do’s and Don’ts and will show you what to do when.

We get many emails from happy educators who finally got the tools they needed all along to manage the most hard-to-manage students. If you can afford to pay a very small amount, we offer comprehensive help in book, ebook and online course formats as well.



Date:   2019-09-15
Name:   Ms. Rory
Subject:   Money for posters
Job Title:   Teacher

I have zero budget. I need posters. Any suggestions or help here? For what it’s worth, my top issue is anything related to classroom management but especially poor motivation, not following the dress code, mouthing off– and did I mention poor motivation?


Reply written by Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Director, Youth Change at 2019-09-15 student success posters

We can help. We have $1 posters that we sell in batches of 25. They are posters that are very slightly damaged. What’s wrong with them? They have problems like one of more bent corners. They can have small dings on their edges. They can be earlier or retired versions of the posters we sell.

Don’t worry that you’ll get posters on the wrong topics. We have you covered there as well. At the time of purchase, you can tell us your students’ age group, the top categories that you’re interested in having, and then we’ll send you 25 awesome posters for $25– for as long as this offer lasts. There is a comment section on our order form and you can write a list of your preferences. Motivation posters are always available in damaged condition since we have nearly 1,000 of them. Shipping is even free too.

We have posters for a wide range of topics including of course motivation. However, we have your other key areas covered too. We do have posters on mouth control, dress codes and every manner of classroom behavior management problems.

Find the 25 Slightly Damaged Budget Posters for $25 Offer here. At right, is our best-selling poster, Poster #537. It makes a great motivator for discouraged students, but, don’t worry, we have motivational posters for all your other unmotivated students too. Whether students think school is too hard, or a waste, or optional, or unnecessary, we’ve got a poster for that.



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