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Behavior &
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for Teachers, Counselors & Principals

Fast, Immediately Useful, Online Professional Development
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If you’re a teacher, counselor or principal who is frustrated or discouraged with the results you’re getting from your current student behavior and classroom management strategies, then you’ve found a fast, free, effective source of professional development that can help you improve your results.


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Behavior & Classroom Management
Professional Development Training
Behavior & Classroom Management
Professional Development Training
5 Minute Classroom Management Fixes
Professional Development Training



Free Professional Development in 3 Formats


Youth Change Workshops’ free professional development options are mini-versions of our live, online and on-site training seminars and courses. These free training resources give you a taste of our comprehensive content, and some of the top headlines and bits of information that can help you begin to transform your behavior and classroom management problems for the better.

VIDEO Professional Development

We have free, short video classes that are similar to our online Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop, except that the online Breakthrough Workshop shows actual video footage of a live course while the free, short video classes use a slide presentation style.

POWERPOINT SLIDESHOW Professional Development

We also offer free PowerPoint slideshow presentations for those of you who prefer that format. Most of these presentations are also available as video professional development too.


AUDIO PODCAST Professional Development

Finally, our third free professional development option is our 5 Minute Classroom Management Fixes Podcast. This audio podcast is designed to deliver a maximum amount of behavior and classroom management strategies in a minimum amount of time. You can listen to this audio podcast on most smart phones, computers and tablets. Subscribe to the podcast feed to automatically receive updates as new podcasts are published.

If you like the free mini-professional development resources presented here, be sure to check out our comprehensive options that give you all the strategies you need to reverse even the most serious, persistent and difficult behavior and classroom management problems that your elementary, middle, or high school students present.

If you have questions or need help with our free professional development resources, or want to learn more about our live classes, online training courses, or on-site workshops and keynotes, email us for assistance.



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Professional Development
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Be sure to check out our online professional development classes that offer $45 college graduate credit and free clock hours.

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