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FREE to Subscribers of This Blog!

Breakthrough Strategies to Teach & Counsel Troubled Youth  Workshop
Seattle, April 23-24, 2020
WA OSPI Clock Hours & 1 Grad Credit Available

HURRY! Free Registration Offer Expires in Just  1 Week!

Student Behavior & Motivation Problems Stop Here

Coupon Code: Free-Seattle-20 | Valid through 02-16-20

Register  |  Workshop Information   |  Seattle, WA: April 23-24, 2020   |   Portland, OR: October 8-9, 2020

Subscribers and readers of this Problem-Solver blog, may attend without charge as a thank-you for subscribing. Must register online or by phone before the deadline, not later.   NOTE: We don’t want these fantastic  free slots to go to waste. If you sign up and fail to attend at least 6 hours– or send a substitute who attends at least 6 hours– you and your site will be billed for the usual cost of $169, due within 14 days of the end of the course. Registering for free is your consent and acceptance of this condition.
Optional 10 Washington State OSPI clock hours and 1 grad credit available but not included. Limit 1 free registration per site. Not valid for registrations already received or those in transit.  Youth Change may limit the number of free slots if space becomes a concern so register right away. Insert coupon code at top of online registration form or call us.

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Working with difficult students doesn’t have to be so difficult

What kind of year will it be without our 200 problem-stopping strategies?


HURRY! Free Registration Offer Expires in Just  1 Week!

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The Freebie Issue


Free Workshop Registrations,
Printable Posters & Worksheets

* For a Limited Time *

free workshops for spedWelcome to our famous Freebie issue! Yes, you can forward this issue onto colleagues and friends so they can get to grab the fantastic free workshop offer and the other no-fee goodies too.

We haven’t done one of these issues in a long time, but, finally, here is the Problem-Solver blog issue with free teacher workshops, printable posters and worksheets! We appreciate your support for Youth Change Professional Development Workshops so this is our way of saying a big, loud thank-you to everyone!

To thank you for being a loyal reader of our Problem Student Problem-Solver blog, we’ve packed this issue with amazing freebies. But, watch out! Some of the goodies, like our free teacher workshop offer (above) for our Seattle Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Conference only last a very limited time!

The best of the bunch of goodies is our very limited time offer to let you, as a reader of this blog, attend our upcoming Seattle Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop without any charge. That’s a 100% discount! When is the last time you saw anything marked 100% off? Normally, registration costs $169, but to thank you for being a subscriber, for just one week, you can sign up to attend without a fee. The details are above and there aren’t very many rules but do be sure to read them.

Also, inside this issue, find access to our two hidden treasure troves of free student worksheets and printable posters. Just read on to start grabbing these no-fee goodies and be sure to share them with your friends and co-workers.


free teaher workshop


Breakthrough Strategies to Teach & Counsel Troubled Youth  Workshop
Seattle, April 23-24, 2020
WA OSPI Clock Hours & 1 Grad Credit Available

This is a really cool offer– and one that we haven’t done in a very long time and may never do again. So, please take advantage of this free workshop offer and share it with your friends and colleagues by forwarding this onto others. There are virtually no strings attached except the very few conditions noted in the details above. You simply have to read the details, make sure those few rules work for you, and sign up for the workshop before the expiration of this limited-time offer. Just be sure to sign up quickly as this free workshop offer is good for just a week. 

If you want to learn about how the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop can help you solve your most persistent and intractable student behavioral, social, motivational and emotional concerns, read about the popular, problem-stopping workshop.

At the workshop, you will get a workbook full of innovative lesson plans and more effective strategies,  plus you will receive 200 of the most powerful, use-now strategies that exist. You’ll be flooded with the newest and best solutions to turnaround problems like trauma, defiance, work refusal, underperforming, bad attitudes, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, bullying, poor motivation, truancy, tardiness and school failure.

While at the workshop, you can earn 10 Washington State OSPI Teacher Hours for $25. Most other clock hours are completely free. If you want to earn 1 college grad credit for $55, that option is available too.

Thank you for being a subscriber and supporter of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. Register for the free workshop with Coupon Code Free-Seattle-20 before 2-16-20, and be sure to first read the rules above. You simply add the two day workshop to the cart, go to checkout area, then enter the Coupon Code into the space for it at the very top of our site’s checkout form. But, hurry tis great offer expires soon.

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 It’s Time to Book Summer Inservice

It’s More Affordable Than You Think
& Makes a Terrific Fund Raiser

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Working with Difficult Students
Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult

Learn Hundreds of More Effective, New Strategies for
Work Refusal, Violence, Defiance, Apathy, Trauma, ADHD & More
Plus We Have $55 Grad Credit & Free Clock Hours

Call 1.800.545.5736 or Email

One Click Can Solve It All



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Printable Posters & Student Worksheets


Here at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops, we think we have the best posters and student worksheets. We’re going to make it easy for you to see if you agree.

We have a secret place on our site where we “hide” a very large sampling of our very popular, printable posters and student worksheets, and let people download them without any charge. Because you are a reader of this Problem-Solver blog, you are being given free access to this hidden treasure trove of freebies. We estimate that are at least 100 printable posters and worksheets for you to download and immediately use with your students.

You are welcome to share our hidden stash of printable posters and student worksheets with your friends and co-workers.

Our Free Printable Posters and Student Worksheets are here. There is actually a second well hidden page of no-fee Posters and Worksheets too. Click on the two preceding links to reach both secret locations and then enjoy the wide array of printable posters and worksheets. For the printable posters, you will need a color printer that can print 11 inch by 17 inch posters, or else, you can print them in a smaller format. In smaller size, many of the printable posters make excellent student worksheets. The worksheets will print on nearly any black and white or color printer.

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    teachermissYou have students who struggle. We have solutions for students who struggle…so your job doesn’t have to be so difficult. We have cutting-edge strategies to manage group and classroom management problems like behavior disorders, trauma, disrespect, bullying, emotional issues, withdrawal, substance abuse, tardiness, cyberbullying, delinquency, work refusal, defiance, depression, Asperger’s, ADHD and more.


    Schedule the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Workshop to come to your site. This is the one professional development inservice that produces results, results, results. Call 1.800.545.5736 now. This surprisingly affordable inservice also makes a terrific fund raiser. College credit and 10 professional development clock hours are available. Your staff will finally have the more effective, real-world tools they need to work with today’s challenging, difficult youth.


    Contact us now, and begin solving your worst “kid problems” today. Call 1.800.545.5736, or email.


    Working with Troubled Students Doesn’t Have to be So Difficult

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