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Fund raising doesn’t have to be so hard


Our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth On-Site Workshop can solve more than your worst kid problems


The Breakthrough Strategies On-Site Workshop

can also solve your worst budget problems too!


Instead of just training your own team, invite area youth professionals to attend and charge them a fee


You’ll be fund raising while providing your staff

with the country’s most practical, information-packed training


Here’s how it works:affordable teacher training


When you host our on-site  workshop for your team, you invite others to attend for a fee. You can charge individuals to attend, or you can charge schools and agencies a flat fee to send groups. Or, you can do both. Either way, you keep all the proceeds. Even better, you can charge as much or as little as your want. Our awesome training workshop becomes your awesome agency or school fund raiser.


Here’s more details:Teacher professional development class


  1. Choose your date and location for your on-site workshop, and decide how much you will charge others to attend.
  2. You let schools, agencies and people know about your event. You can use flyers, word of mouth, ads, mailings, PSAs, or whatever methods you want.
  3. You collect tuition from individuals, schools, agencies or groups who want to attend. You keep whatever you collect.
  4. You get your location ready, then host the event.

Your team and your guests attend a terrific workshop that will transform how you work with kids. You have built up your team while building your budget. This workshop can solve both your kid problems– and budget problems.


We provide (at no extra charge):how to motivate students


  • A master copy of a flyer customized with your information
  • A master copy of the workshop workbook
  • A mail list of every school and youth agency in your area
  • University credit, CEUs or clock hours for teachers, counselors and others
  • Any support you need arranging the logistics of your event
  • Help with event promotion such as flyers, mailings, PSAs, ads, etc.
  • An information-packed counselor-teacher professional development workshop that will turbo-charge participants’ skills


You provide:


  • You set any price you wish for individuals or groups to attend your session ($40-$275 per person is typical, with $169 be the most common price). You process the registrations and keep all the payments that you receive
  • The workshop site, AV equipment, print or downloadable workbooks

You pay the same fee regardless of however many people or groups pay to attend your class– so it can be easy to make a profit, although we can’t guarantee that you will. So far, after 20 years, all but a few sponsors have broken even or made a profit, and some have made a lot– especially in remote or smaller towns and rural areas where quality counselor and teacher training can be very hard to find.

 teacher fund raising informationPrintable Fund Raiser Information Sheet


Fund Raiser FAQs


Our on-site workshop can be such an easy, effective agency or school fund raiser. Read below for even more details, or, give us a call at 1.800.545.5736, and let a live person respond directly to your questions.

Whether it’s “kid problems” or budget problems, we can help.

Can we just charge several other sites a flat fee to send groups of staff to the session we host?

Can we make and keep any profit we make hosting the on-site workshop?

What type of setting do I need to host the workshop?
Almost any big, open space will work. All-purpose rooms, school cafeterias, gyms, church or hotel meeting rooms, and large classrooms are all common locations. You are welcome to hold the class in your own building or anywhere you choose.

How many people can attend a workshop?
There is no limit, and it doesn’t affect the fee you pay us. You also keep 100% of the registration fees you collect.

What ages can you cover in a single workshop?
We can cover ages 5 through 18 in a single workshop. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years, scoring 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 on evaluations.

What disciplines can attend?
Anyone who works with challenging children or teens attend your sessions. We specialize in providing workshops to a wide range of professionals including teachers, special educators, counselors, principals, juvenile justice professionals, juvenile court staff, day treatment staff, therapists, social workers, psychologists, school nurses, teaching assistants, foster parents, and after-school staff.

Can parents attend this workshop?
Yes, this workshop can be tailored to fit parents’ needs.

How long is the workshop?
We have one day and two day versions of the workshop, but we can customize the inservice into nearly any number of days and hours you need.

What problems do you cover in the workshop?
We cover absolutely any social, emotional, school, classroom or behavior problem that your participants request. Most workshops focus on a wide of problem areas as requested by the participants, but we can also present sessions designed to zero in on just a single problem area. We can cover just a single, specific concern like cyberbullying, bullying, poor motivation, bad attitudes, work refusal, ADHD, Asperger’s, non-compliance, school failure and more. We are ready to deliver solutions for virtually any “kid problem.”

Will you bring the workshop to Canada?
Yes, the workshop has attracted huge crowds in Canada. In Newfoundland, for example, people even flew in from Labrador just to attend. We regularly have Canadians attend workshops in the U.S. so we know there is a lot of demand, and a lot of willingness to travel to reach the class. If you are in an easy-to-reach part of Canada, we can often charge our U.S. domestic rates for Canadian events, which can keep the cost very affordable.

What does it cost to host the workshop?
Cost depends on your location so you need to call 800.545.5736 or email for that information. However, we have worked hard to keep the workshop affordable, and we charge a flat fee. That means you don’t have to deal with travel costs at all, and you don’t have to worry about how many people attend your inservice because we charge one rate for your region. You can have any number of participants without affecting our cost to you.

Will I make money hosting the class?
All we can tell you is that in over 20 years, most sites have made money, but not all. Some have had huge events with 150 participants attending at $170 or more per person. You do the math. But, even if you only defray some of the costs of hosting your event, you will have still trained your entire team for a reduced cost. That’s god too. There are just so many ways to enhance the turnout. Call us at 1.800.545.5736 if you want to hear more.

If budget concerns are paramount, do you have any suggestions for keeping our costs low?
Absolutely. First, use your own site to host the event, or find a church or school that will donate space. Also, you can ask another site to provide the room and you let some of their staff attend free. Second, make trades, or get donations for what you need to host your event. For example, your local printer might donate printing if you let them put their logo on the cover. Third, write a grant to cover the cost of the workshop. The course fits so many grant areas because the workshop covers all types of kid problems. Fourth, request a local church group or other type of organization to sponsor the workshop. Many groups like Lutheran Brotherhoods, pastor associations, newspapers, government, fraternal organizations, PTAs, and civic groups have helped sponsor the event or underwrite part of the cost. We have many more suggestions on keeping down the cost of sponsorship. Call us at 1.800.545.5736 for more help.

I’ve never hosted a workshop before. How do you help?
We take really good care of you before, during and after your workshop. We can provide help with flyers, mailing lists, college credit, clock hours, press releases, publicity, finding a location, answering questions, and whatever you need. We provide responsive help from your first contact, and we never charge extra for it. Your job is to take care of your kids. Our job is to take care of you. Whether it’s kid problems or budget problems, we can help.


Call to request an information packet, and details on how you can preview our workshop free, without obligation:





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