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Classroom Management Interventions
for Middle & High School Students


Got middle or high school classroom management problems? Give us you worst problems, we'll give you the best answers that exist. We're Youth Change Workshops, and we may have the largest collection of behavior and classroom management strategies that exist.

Youth Change Workshops has an endless supply of posters, books, courses, interventions and resources for all ages, from Pre-K through Grade 12. We get asked all the time about which grades we cover. We cover them all. Below is a tiny sampling of our thousands innovative classroom management resources. These interventions are ones that we particularly like for middle high school age students.

Find a sampling of our dynamic behavior and classroom management interventions that are especially great for elementary students here.


Awesome Classroom Management Interventions

Perfect for Middle & High School Students

There Must Be 2000 Things You Need to Know By the Year 2000

This classroom management strategy can show your students that even though they may know people who have gotten by without a diploma, all that is changing in this new millennium. Ask the students to define the following terms they'll need in this new millennium: thumb drive; modem; spam; computer chip; millennium; phishing.

Instead of Going Back for More Pain

It is hard to convince some students to stop going back to an abusive boyfriend or other type of harmful situation. You may see many kids going back for more pain.

This quick story is a way to help them re-think that:
A girl was about to cross a river when a snake asked her to carry him across the river. troubled family The girl refused saying that she feared that the snake would bite her if she did. The snake was charming, and talked the girl into carrying him across the river. As soon as the snake and the girl reached the other side, the snake bit the girl. "How could you do that?" asked the girl indignantly. Replied the snake, "You knew what I was when you picked me up!"

That phrase can really resonate with some students, and become a catch-phrase students use with each other. If you need more ideas like this, our Child's Guide to Surviving in a Troubled Family book (pictured) gives you many more powerful strategies to help children in pain.

Break Any Other Law of Nature

For students who insist that they won't get pregnant or catch AIDS via unprotected sex, or be hurt by illicit drugs or drunk driving, ask the youngster to break any law of nature, such as the laws of speed or gravity. When the child can't, point out that they can't break this law either.


Will You Make Any Cents in the New Century?

To show kids how much they will need an education in our new century, use fun multiple choice questions such as this:

For my career in the new millennium, the equipment I am already most prepared to use is A) A computer network B) The internet C) A hair net.

Find resources just like this in our popular motivational lesson book,  Education: Don't Start the Millennium Without It book.


Find Work with a Temper Like That

online class resourcesAsk students who have problems with aggressiveness or temper tantrums to name all the jobs and businesses they can do "with a temper like that." Obviously, there are none. Students often won't admit that you've had impact on them, so you may not get any positive feedback but you may have. It can be profound for students to realize that they could have problems getting and keeping jobs.

A follow-up: Ask the student who else will assist them to gain self-control besides your school or agency. Most students will realize that employers won't assist with anger management, that once the school or agency is out of the  picture, only law enforcement will offer help. That may not be an answer students like. This unusual focus may help some angry and aggressive students start to re-think their demeanor.

Our Poster #072 (pictured above) can provide visual, on-going follow-up. If you need more behavior management strategies for angry, aggressive and out-of-control students, our Temper and Tantrum Tamers book is packed with interventions just like these, many come in worksheet format.

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