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Here are unsolicited reviews of Youth Change’s behavior and classroom management books and professional development workshop for teachers and counselors. We’ve also included a few comments about our professional development workshops and audio books.

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Conduct Disorder book“Loved the Anti-Social & Conduct Disorders book I purchased. Your answers to my questions and concerns were realistic and clearly come from experience. I want to read more of your information since I have a possible Conduct Disorder in my class as well as an Emotionally Disturbed, and other students with similar issues. Thank you for being real-world!”

Linda Boling, Special Ed Teacher, Country Club Elementary, San Ramon, CA


“Youth Change publishes educational materials designed to teach disruptive students the social skills necessary for good classroom performance…Dreams of abandoning school in favor of life in a rock n’ roll band may be met with cartoons depicting the headline of a make-believe rock magazine: ‘Wealthy Rock Star Broke.’ ‘I can’t even balance my checkbook,’ admits the fictional down-and-out star. (Click to view the Turn On the Turned-Off Student lesson book which contains these lesson plans and worksheets). A student who questions the value of school may be given a quiz on coping with an adult’s typical day…School districts in Oregon like the approach well enough to invite Wells to conduct teacher training sessions.”

The Portland Oregonian Newspaper


Breakthrough Strategies classroom management books“Four years ago I took a group of teachers to your workshop. It changed my life. I gained a new understanding of the students I work with. I now share your strategies as part of teacher training each year…As a side note, your information must be good because someone absconded with the entire set of books we had purchased from your workshop.” (Click to view the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth lesson book series).

Kristie McCustion, Assistant Principal, Garland ISD, Texas


Child's Guide to Troubled Family book“The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Youth Books Lesson Series is geared toward mental health workers, foster parents and case managers. Each book offers step-by-step lesson plans and handouts. In particular, A Child’s Guide to Surviving in a Troubled Family lesson book (click) gives some good tips on approaching difficult topics.”

Youth Today Magazine


“Love this workshop!! (Click to view The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Online Workshop.) Will inform other teachers of this very helpful workshop!!”

Lauri Lisly, Teacher, Berea, Ohio


“Materials are brightly written, useful and full of unconventional wisdom.” (Click to view books.)

Safe Learning Magazine


behavior management workshop“Workshop was absolutely awe-inspiring. It gave me hope for many of the kids often seen as hopeless.”

Bev Ringol, Counselor


In 2009, A Child’s Guide to Surviving in a Troubled Family was named by the Online Dictionary of Mental Health as one of the Top 100 Books on Domestic Violence.

Online Dictionary of Mental Health


Temper and Tantrum Tamers lesson book“Bought some of your materials, and I’ve just really depended on your information for over ten years now.”

Cathy Harper, Job Training Youth Specialist, Sonora, CA


“I am a 20 year veteran in my school system, but this was one of the most beneficial workshops that I have ever encountered. You have given me useful techniques that I can successfully utilize in my classroom.”

Cassandra Berry Joseph, Minnie Ruffin Elementary School, TN


“Your workshop was incredible. I feel as though you really helped me develop methods for dealing with conduct disordered children vs emotionally disabled children. I have shared the materials and my team really enjoyed them.”

Jeffrey Bequeath, Middle School Teacher, AZ


“I wish that I had found your training sooner. The many interventions to side-step oppositional tendencies are wonderful. I will look for ways to use this information and refer it to others. The creativity of the ideas really appeals to me and would, I think, to anyone who works with children and families. Thanks again.”

Phyllis Shamplawske, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Seattle WA


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