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Counseling, Mental Health, Therapy and K-12 Student School Guidance Posters

Innovative counselor and teacher-created K-12 school and classroom posters designed to improve student behavior, attitude and motivation
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Full Color, 11″ x 17″ Medium Size Posters


The Bottom Line on
Youth Change Workshops’ Elementary, Middle, High School Posters for

Child and Teen Mental Health Treatment, Family Therapy and School Guidance Counseling

student counseling bookYouth Change Workshops has the most inventive, sensitive, and effective posters to help children and adolescents with mental health issues, and those who could benefit from contact with a student assistance worker or school guidance counselor.

These counseling and therapy posters are designed for children and teens who are in crisis, are severely emotionally disturbed, troubled, traumatized, or facing serious family problems.

favtinyEach carefully engineered, attention-grabbing poster delivers a compelling and important mental health message to your students. Each poster facilitates essential insights, while getting past apathy, fear, discouragement, disorientation or bad attitudes.

Our counseling, guidance and treatment posters are the perfect addition to your counseling center, social work office, K-12 classroom, special ed site, or treatment program.

These posters build on the ideas you discuss with students in group counseling sessions, classes, individual therapy, during one-to-one contact time, and in clinical therapy activities.

coples20wkshtonlyDesigned to creatively and surprisingly convey vital counseling messages, these mental health posters are especially crafted to complement our books, lessons, interventions and other resources.

Maximize your impact by surrounding your students with guidance counseling and therapy posters that can change the way your students think, act and see the world.

Have questions? Let the experts on child and adolescent mental health treatment, family therapy and school guidance counseling help you locate the exact resources you need: 1.800.545.5736 or email us.