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Entitled Doing the Impossible Just Takes a Little Bit Longer, Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells’ keynote will grab your participants’ attention, and then take them on an emotional, thought-provoking roller coaster ride.

Ruth’s talk is a candid, unforgettable look at the world for children and youth today.



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This keynote is one part hard truth, one part humor, and one part story, all designed to inspire and reinvigorate your participants.

Your participants are teachers, counselors, court workers, principals, psychologists, foster parents, and social workers. They hold the hands of the children. Every day, they’re expected to do the impossible. Every day, they’re expected to work miracles with children and youth that others have discarded and disregarded.

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View video clips of popular education and mental health keynote speaker Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. See for yourself how Ruth’s dynamic, unusual, passionate keynote can transform your next event.


Your participants are tired of platitudes. They don’t want to hear any more theory or explanations. They want to hear what they can do to make a difference. They want to hear how to stay committed and connected to a job that often seems incredibly sad and absolutely impossible.

on-site teacher trainingAs shown above in the 2011 Speakerwiki graphic, veteran author/trainer Ruth Herman Wells M.S. is a tremendously popular, top-rated speaker at events for K-12 educators. She ranked #3 for elementary educator events, #8 for K-12 education administrator events, and #7 for high school educators.

Give your participants exactly what they want. Schedule a keynote speaker who looks reality in the eye, and stares it down. Ruth Herman Wells M.S. will deliver the answer to “What do I do now?” and will re-inspire your conference participants to do the impossible.

This keynote is practical. It’s hard-hitting. It’s emotional. It’s packed with solutions– and it’s just the right keynote solution for your next conference.

If you are looking for an intense, surprisingly different keynote that immediately engages and changes your participants, contact us now while open dates remain.

education speakerWe can work with you directly to arrange your event, but if you prefer to work through a speakers bureau, we have several that will be happy to assist you. We may already be working with the speakers bureau you prefer.

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Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.

    classroom management expert“5 hours in L.A. gridlock.
Your information brought me back.”

                 Judi Hynen, School Counselor, Los Angeles, CA

    “Your session was a huge success.
I am still getting positive comments.”

                 Melanie Eick, OK Dept. of Careers, Stillwater, OK

     “All youth workers should be exposed to this”
                 Robert Brown, Case Manager, Indianapolis IN

    “An eye-opener!”
                 Marion Farley, Tribal Specialist, Nome AK



These are actual comments from teachers, counselors, principals, juvenile justice workers, foster parents, teaching assistants, special educators, social workers, psychologists and youth professionals. They’re talking about Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. And soon you’ll be talking about her too.

Invite author/keynote speaker Ruth Herman Wells M.S. to your next event, and she will turbo-charge your program. Ruth’s eloquent, unexpected words will stay with your event participants long after your event is over.

keynote speaker educationRuth Herman Wells brings heart-warming stories, gathered from decades of work with lost, throwaway, and difficult kids. Because Ruth tailors every keynote address to precisely fit your exact participants and their students, her words are guaranteed to captivate and motivate. Ruth’s wry humor, and lyrical words will inspire, educate, and rejuvenate listeners.

Discover why counselors cried during Ruth’s emotional keynote at the California Association of Counseling and Development Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Learn why she has been a repeat speaker with overflow crowds at the Iowa Alliance for Children and Families Conference.

Find out why Ruth’s talks were standing-room-only at the Kentucky Council for Children with Behavior Disorders Conference.


education keynote speakerView video of workshop speaker Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.



If you are looking for an attention-grabbing, emotional, unforgettable keynote, call 1.800.545.5736, or email.


Ruth Herman Wells’  passionate, emotional keynote

will make your next event your best event


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