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More of Our


Most Effective


K-12 Motivational Strategies

Motivating students to care about school can be so difficult yet your professional development training probably included scant course work that was practical and geared to work in the real world. How to motivated even the most unmotivated students: It may be one of the most important topics that teacher training programs fail to ever cover.

The bottom line: Motivation may transform students– for better or worse.

motivate unmotivated studentsWhen students believe school and education are a waste, they act accordingly. When students believe that school and education are important, they act accordingly too. That's why motivation may be one of the most important classroom management tools.

If you struggle with classroom management problems like disruption, truancy, tardiness, disrespect, work refusal, school refusal, defiance, and other discipline problems, motivation is one of the top 3 fixes that we recommend. (The other two methods are teaching School Skills and adjusting negative attitudes.)

Here are some of the reasons your students offer as explanations why they will never need school. If you are not using targeted strategies to moderate or curtail those beliefs then you will continue to fight a losing battle for classroom control. Here's a sampling of those problematic beliefs:

  • "I'm going to be a sports star"
  • "I'm going to win the lottery"
  • "I'll marry a wealthy man"
  • "My family will take care of me"
  • "I'm become a famous actress"
  • "I'll always work at the ___"
  • "I'm going on welfare"
  • "I'll get by without it"
  • "I'll deal drugs"
  • "I'll be a famous singer"
  • "I'll always work in fast food"
  • "The tribe will take care of me"

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Strategies to Motivate Unmotivated Students

If you've ever wished there were effective motivational methods for the types of student statements listed above, stop wishing. Awesome strategies exist to motivate unmotivated students who express those beliefs about never needing to finish school. Let us show you a few. There are thousands more motivational methods for unmotivated K-12 students in our books, ebooks, posters and workshops.

I'm Going to Be a Sports Star

motivational school posterPoster #170 shows you a very easy-to-do strategy that you can use with your wannabe sports stars who believe they will never need school.

You don't need to buy the poster, just remember the phrase pictured on it. Find dozens more alternative motivational strategies for unmotivated students who plan to be famous sports heroes in our Motivational Posters.





I'm Going to Win the Lottery

If your school or agency rules permit it, use this clever strategy whenever unmotivated students tell you that they won't need education, a diploma or skills because they plan to win the lottery.

Simply purchase a lottery ticket under the guidance of the student who professes the ability to win. When the ticket fails to generate enough revenue for the student's entire lifetime, you may have lost the lottery but have taught the student a lifelong lesson about the value of education, a diploma and skills.

For students who still persist in claiming they will win the lottery, challenge them  to beat the odds on other unlikely ventures, like breaking the laws of gravity or speed. The more you concretely and graphically demonstrate that the student lacks the ability to "beat the odds" at will, the more you will debunk that belief. You'll also notice how showing works better than telling students what they may need discover for themselves.


I'll Deal Drugs

teen drug posterWe have so many motivational methods for this that it's hard to pick just one to give you here. Poster #127 will quickly convey this favorite motivational strategy so we're going to choose this method above all the others.

The headline on the poster says "Drugs Now Legal. How will uneducated drug dealers survive?"

This poster can accomplish infinitely more results than conventional talking approaches. If you truly want more effective motivational methods that work with the most unmotivated students, then switching to these creative, unexpected, more powerful strategies may be necessary.

It isn't necessary to buy the poster. Just use the motivational strategy pictured.


We Have Hundreds of Additional

Motivational Strategies for the

Most Unmotivated Students

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See more motivational posters, books, workshops. All are packed with innovative, creative motivational strategies that deliver more effective improvement more quickly than conventional intervention methods.