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How to Motivate
the Most Unmotivated Students Today

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motivational classroom posterThere are so many unmotivated students and yet, most teacher and counselor university training programs contain few courses that offer specific, practical, real-world motivational methods to effectively build motivation.

Even though they have been offered minimal motivational strategies, teachers and counselors are still expected to successfully perform their jobs despite their lack of vital tools. Facing dozens of unmotivated, apathetic, indifferent, failing students, today's teachers and counselors can feel like a pilot without a plane or a hairdresser without scissors. It's tough to successfully do your work without proper tools.

As a professional development trainer for the past two decades, I how to motivate studentshave amassed hundreds of the most innovative, up-to-date motivational strategies that exist for use with unmotivated K12 students. My name is Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. and "Motivation" is practically my middle name. I've spent my professional career creating and perfecting motivational strategies that are unexpected, compelling, intense and far more effective than what you are using now.

Did you notice the poster above? You can download a printable version of it free or purchase a pre-printed 11" x 17" version of Poster #323. In this issue, you're going to get lots of free motivational resources and strategies that you will find work so much better than whatever you are doing now.

Marvelous Strategies
to Motivate Unmotivated Students

motivational classroom posterMotivational Strategy #1

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Poster #323 works when conventional motivational strategies fail because it takes an indirect approach. If you offer similar information verbally and more directly, the typical teen will fight it, ignore it or debate it. You can't question a poster on the wall. Instead, the poster nags, cajoles and reminds, eating away at the student's resistance over time.

You don't have to purchase the poster to use this intervention. The phrase pictured can be used verbally if you wish. If you do prefer to buy it for $8 pre-printed, order it here. However, if you would like to download this poster for free– along with other items offered at no charge in this issue– take these 2 steps by 1-31-14:

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Motivational Strategy #2

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motivational posterHere's another effective motivational strategy that can be implemented verbally, but the visual version may have more power since it is on-going and verbiage is momentary.

This strategy teaches students that a high school diploma is worth $329,000 more lifetime income than a dropout earns. That's a powerful motivator that every K12 student should know.

To use this motivational tool with elementary students and children who have limited math skills, use piles of play money to illustrate the difference in income then ask the students which pile of money they would like to have for themselves. When students select the bigger pile, note that finishing school is the most likely route to the most money.

Get Poster #324, pictured above, as a printable poster, or order it as a medium size, pre-printed poster for $8.

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Motivational Strategy #3

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dropout prevention resourcesHere's a student motivation strategy that just might be one of the most overwhelmingly persuasive and powerful strategies anywhere. You can use the facts pictured on Poster #311; you don't have to get the poster. If you would like to get the poster, you can get it as a free printable poster or as a pre-printed poster for $8. You can view this poster enlarged to better read the content.

Among the hard-to-forget facts that can stay with even your most resistant, hard-to-reach students: Dropouts earn $143 less per week than high school grads and are 4 times as likely to be unemployed. However, the total list of consequences will have more impact than a few selected hazards. The goal of this strategy is to overwhelm the unmotivated student's denial and make the consequences of dropping out hard to forget, and even harder to live through.


Motivational Strategy #4

classroom posterAt our live workshops, participants always ask for motivational methods that help students project into the future. Many teachers complain that their students feel the future is light-years away and thus, not relevant. We have hundreds of methods to powerfully demonstrate to students that the future is closer than they think, but Poster #330 offers a very graphic, concrete way to convey that to unmotivated students.

This poster shows a car mirror. The mirror has an inscription that says "The future is closer than you think."  To maximize the impact, you can print this inscription onto clear stickers and paste onto an old car mirror. Alternatively, you can create the image and inscription on your computer and display it on a screen. You can also offer the words verbally. If you prefer to buy Poster #330 it is $8, and printed on high gloss, medium weight poster paper.


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About Ruth Herman Wells

Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.