Motivate Student Athletes to Work in School


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Motivate Student Athletes
to Work in School

Includes 2 Free Printable Motivational Posters


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classroom management help

classroom management help


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Motivate Student Athletes
to Work in School

Includes 2 Free Printable Motivational Posters


student motivational techniquesHere are some of the best motivational techniques for student athlete who see school and education as unnecessary. Believing they are going to be rich, successful professional sports stars, these youngsters are often the most unmotivated students in your classroom. Your wannabe pro football, basketball, soccer or tennis star often sees education as a complete waste, something they will never need as a pampered, wealthy, well-known athlete who has it all. Hello from Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells. This issue of the Problem Student Problem-Solver has some of my very best student motivational techniques to motivate all your wannabe Shaquille O’Neils and Serena Williams.


motivational techniques for atheletesShow What It Really Takes to Play Pro Sports

Includes Free Printable Motivational Poster

The good news about wannabe sports stars is that once you educate them on how dependent they will be on education as an aspiring sports star, you can watch them become more interested, more involved, more successful students. This first motivational technique is pretty simple, and involves just making sure that every unmotivated wannabe sports star realizes that a high school diploma will be necessary to reach their goal and keep their success if they actually achieve it. Poster #170, pictured at right, teaches students that every NBA, NFL and MLB player needs a high school diploma. You may find that this key requirement is not known to most or many of your wannabe sports giants. Get this poster free to print in 11″ x 17″ size. If you prefer to buy a pre-printed copy of the poster, click here.


motivational student athelete posterShow Students That No Education is a Losing Game

Includes Free Printable Motivational Poster

This motivational technique is a discussion activity designed to help student wannabe sports stars– and other students hoping to become rich and famous– discover that they will lose, lose, lose if they reach stardom without first completing their education. You can use Poster #6 to kick off the discussion, or you can use it just for yourself so you have some concrete ideas of how to guide your students to come up with similar information to that pictured on the poster. To enlarge the poster for better viewing, click here or on the poster image. Here is the motivational technique: Ask your students to determine possible negative outcomes that could occur if a youngster becomes a sports star who is uneducated. To help, we’re giving you a full-size 11″ by 17″ printable copy of Poster #6 to use as a poster, worksheet or discussion starter. If you prefer to buy a pre-printed copy of the poster, click here.


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motivational classroom posterShow Them the Real Score

While you don’t necessarily want to discourage students from high level goals, they need to know the odds on achieving those goals, and maintaining their success. To teach them about the real odds of making it as a pro sports star, have them research the numbers. For example, only 1 in 150,000 guys will make it into the NBA. To teach them about the real odds of maintaining their success as a pro sports star, help them discover the real tasks that professional players actually do– and the real skills they need to do those tasks. Our brand new Poster #716 provides an example of how you could structure this motivational technique for use with your students. Similar to the poster, create two columns on your board then have students research sport stars for “What They Really Do” and the “Skills Needed.” Write students’ answers in the columns and discuss. Students will discover that becoming and staying a pro sports star takes a lot of education and skills. A good follow-up motivational technique: Have students research and discuss the average career length of sports stars in different fields. They may be surprised to discover that some pro athletes have very brief career due to concerns like age, injury, performance and behavior.


Show Education as Key to Winning

Make the realities of professional sports come alive by involving students in this motivational intervention technique. Assemble the types of documents and other items that pro sports stars may encounter. The items can include things like: the pro sport team’s contract to sign up their players, a sports agent contract, a lawyer contract, a sports publicist contract, an accountant contract, an assistants’ job application, tax forms, press releases, interview questions, and so on. You can use documents found on the internet, or, you can create mock-ups. Be sure the documents are complex, hard-to-read, have very small type, and a hard-to-read font. To ensure that your message hits a home run, select at least some items that would likely be difficult for even a well-educated adult to understand. Ask students to read and interpret the documents. When they struggle, you can help them discover that school can help.


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