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We wrote the book on problem kids. And we teach the class.

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 On-Site Workshop Instructor Ruth Herman WellsAs pictured in the 2011 SpeakerWiki image at right, Youth Change instructor Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is extremely popular nationally. Ruth is ranked #3 for elementary education, #7 for high school educators, and #8 for elementary school staff.

Youth Change's signature professional development training is the popular Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop. Why is this on-site inservice so popular all over North America? Your staff name the problems then this inservice immediately delivers dozens of state-of-the-art, use-now, problem-stopping answers.

On-Site Workshop Speaker Ruth Herman Wells

You can schedule this top-rated on-site workshop for your school, agency, or conference.

Even better, we have dozens of additional on-site workshops and topics to choose from. Titles include:

  • Control Uncontrollable Students
  • What Works with Work Refusers
  • Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers
  • Transform Kids Into Prepared, Motivated Students
  • The Best Bullying and Cyberbullying Solutions

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Full 2 Day Breakthrough Strategies Workshop agenda example
1 Day Breakthrough Strategies Workshop agenda example

View a brief or longer video of Instructor Ruth Herman Wells

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The On-Site Workshop That Delivers Immediate Results

In the first 10 minutes of your on-site workshop, your staff will be asked to name their "worst kid problems." We then tailor the entire course to deliver our best answers for those exact problems.

We provide immediate, ready-to-use answers for even the most serious concerns. You participants can expect to learn nearly 100 innovative, more effective strategies per day. We offer on-site conference, agency and school workshops of varying lengths to fit your needs and budget.

On-site workshopIf your staff's training prepared them to work with Beaver Cleaver, and you have Beavis and Butthead showing up, then our Breakthrough Strategies workshop can provide the professional development training thsy your team needs.

The Breakthrough workshop shows exactly how to turnaround problems like violence, school failure, bullying, cyberbullying, defiance, withdrawal, work refusal, truancy, delinquency, and even the most serious classroom management issues. No other workshop will use your precious time as well. No other workshop will give you more tools, more insights, more answers.

Plus, we'll let you preview our class completely free to let you evaluate it. We know that if you sit in, you will decide to sponsor your own session. We want you to be able to view a class without charge so we can show you how this powerful workshop will turbo-charge your staff's skills to fit contemporary youth and children.


classroom managementPreview Our Problem-Stopping Answers

Call 1.800.545.5736 to arrange a no-risk look at the hundreds of answers we can bring to your site. We'll send you an on-site workshop information packet complete with costs, references, sample intervention materials, background information, and everything you need to train your school, agency or conference affordably.

We do all the work. We provide a flyer, workbook, even $45 college credit, free clock hours and CEUs.


On-Site Workshops for Almost Any "Kid Problem"
For Schools, Agencies, and Conferences

education speakerAt national, regional and state conferences, our workshop is often standing-room-only.  Whether our sessions are presented at conferences, schools, or agencies, we give only the latest, most practical, attention-grabbing strategies that work– just what your staff have been asking for.

At conferences, we're known for drawing a crowd to our breakout sessions because participants are so hungry for practical, real-world, immediately useable answers. You are able to book us directly or via one of the many speakers bureaus that represent us.

keynote speakersYouth Change's sessions will be the liveliest, most compelling, emotionally-charged, information-packed training of your event. Breakout sessions can even be arranged for nearly any time frame, and you can choose from a huge assortment of specific topics.

Some of our best crowd pleasers are Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers; What Works with Work Refusers and Shut-Down Students; Control the Uncontrollable Student; Spot and Stop Violence Before It Starts; The Best Violence and Apathy-Busters; What You Don't Know About Violence Can Hurt You; Beyond One-Gender-Fits-All Methods: Gender Proficient Methods for Girls; and You Probably Can't Name the #1 Kid Problem.

Look at our long list of additional problem-stopping workshop titles by clicking here. You'll discover why conference participants will stand in the doorway, sit on the floor, and even sneak back into the room after being evicted by the fire marshall so they won't miss even a minute of our workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions.

View a brief or longer video of Instructor Ruth Herman Wells. classroom management expert


Compelling Keynotes

Our unusual keynote will turbo-charge your next conference or event. It's a refreshingly different kind of keynote because it's not another same-old, same-old boilerplate address that you hear at conferences . Our powerful keynote sessions are individually tailored to precisely fit your participants and your event. Click here to learn more about our lyrical, emotional, unforgettable keynote presentations. View a video of Keynote Presenter Ruth Herman Wells.


Tested Methods, Lasting Results

teacher inservice trainingYour staff's most serious kid problems will be answered on the spot with specific interventions. This workshop is more than a crash course. It also builds empathy and patience for even your most trying students.

Even better, we know our workshop methods work because we've documented the results. Results like this: 10% recidivism on multi-offender teens, 90% on-time class and group attendance, 90% return to school rate for longtime dropouts, 100% employment for older adolescents preparing for independent living.

Youth Change Workshops has won award after award, and been included on countless "best of" and speaker rating lists. One example is shown from our two mentions in 2013 on the U.S. Department of Education website, as shown above; click to enlarge. These lists showed the top national providers of training and help for teachers on how to successfully work with problem and failing students. See more of our accolades here, here and here.

We've even seen school districts win awards after incorporating our methods. We've seen decreases in attendance problems, punctuality problems, detention, expulsion, and in-school suspension.

We get calls from staff members with stories of violence avoided because of what they learned in our workshop. We get repeat participants who tell stories of work refusers who now actually show up and complete assignments.

We get letters and emails from administrators telling us how our workshop helped shape positive changes in their kids, and even more dramatic changes in staff, who now feel better prepared to effectively work with today's difficult and challenging youth– proven results we can bring to you.


A Training For Wherever There Are Challenged Kids

Our workshops have been held all over North America, wherever children and teens are facing challenges. We've trained all kinds of schools and agencies from Forks, WA to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

We've trained Job Corps, Civilian Conservation Corps,  juvenile courts, day treatment centers, counseling centers, foster parent programs, group home programs, special ed sites and juvenile justice programs.

We provided trainings to Waveland-Bay St. Louis, MS School District; Education Service Ctr. 4, Houston, TX; Maple Lane Juvenile Detention School, Centralia, WA; Tongue Point Job Corps, Astoria, OR; Northside ISD, San Antonio, TX; Boise ID School District; Jefferson County School Counselor Association; Volunteers of America, Portland, OR; PACE Center for Girls, Tallahassee, FL; Ferry Co. Community Services, Republic, WA; and the Youth Development Institute, Minneapolis, MN. The list goes on and on covering more than 20 years.


Our On-Site Workshop Can Be Your Easy Fund Raiser

Host an on-site workshop, and open it to area youth professionals, and charge them a fee to attend. In that way, you can transform your on-site workshop into an easy fund raiser. Alternatively, you can link up with other sites and split the expense of a single on-site workshop, saving everyone money. You can train your staff and build your budget at the same time.

We even provide a mailing list, flyer master copy, and everything else you need to make your on-site workshop a great training and a great budget builder.


Call to request an information packet, and details on how you can preview our workshop free, without obligation:




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