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Breakthrough Strategies to Teach & Counsel Troubled Students Online Professional Development WorkshopBreakthrough

Strategies to

Teach & Counsel

 Troubled Students

Online Professional Development Course



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Breakthrough Strategies Online Workshop

Instructor Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.

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Click on the graphic to play the video. Note: A new window opens. Duration is 4:40. The actual full online Breakthrough Strategies training course plays just as easily.


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Here is a sample of the easy instructions that come with the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Online Course (click here to go to course information page.)




Actual complete directions are included with the purchased online course,
and are more detailed and do include all links


—————————  START OF SAMPLE FORM  ————————

Thanks for your order of Youth Change’s

Breakthrough Strategies to
Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth
Online Workshop

>>>>> The links to immediately view your online class are by the big staronline teacher courses below but please read this page first as the answers to all your questions are here, including info on college credit and hours.

If you have any problems opening or viewing your online course, we are here to help you. We’re Youth Change Workshops https://www.youthchg.com. We provide excellent customer service, and try to reliably respond within a couple hours of when you contact us. However, nearly everyone finds watching our video is as fast and easy as watching a YouTube video.

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Your PDF workbook contains reproducible student worksheets and posters, and a pre- and post-test. To save the workbook, click “Save As” once it has opened. You can also print it. Click to download the workbook in a new window.

YOUR VIDEO LINKS ARE BELOW BY THE BIG online teacher courses
Your video class will open in your browser. It works exactly like a YouTube video. You can enlarge the screen to be full size if you wish, and control buttons will become visible when you put your cursor over the screen. This 10 hour course is provided to you in 8 segments.  Allow the video to download for a few minutes before playing.  Mobile phones and countless other devices can normally play the videos.
online teacher courses   Click below to immediately view the online course

      Segment 1    Segment 2    Segment 3    Segment 4    Segment 5    Segment 6    Segment 7    Segment 8 


To request the forms and info needed to earn 1 grad credit from a regionally accredited university, click here to request. Our reply will contain all the details of how to sign up for 1 grad credit. We normally work with Seattle Pacific University.

During the video, the instructor will describe the workshop homework for the students in the live class, but students like you who are taking the course online, will have additional directions that will be detailed in the email we send you. Your forms and homework should be returned by postal mail to Youth Change, 275 N. 3rd Street, Woodburn, OR 97071.

If you want to request college credit, have additional questions or need help, please email us.

Simply complete the pre- and post-tests that are included in the course workbook at the very front and very back of the booklet. Cut and paste the questions and your answers into an email to us, or take a picture of the completed tests and send it to us along with your request for 10 generic clock hours. That’s all you have to do.

To earn Washington Hours, you must submit two forms, your pre- and post-tests and pay a fee for processing your hours. To receive the correct forms for Washington State Teacher Hours, you must be sure to explicitly request the forms for “Washington Teacher Hours.” To register for clock hours, you will just email to request the sign up link. Once you go to the link, you can quickly sign up online at our university partner site. The current cost for 10 clock hours is $25.

———————— END SAMPLE FORM ———————–


You will receive the complete, actual form with all links and additional information
immediately after you purchase
Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Online Workshop


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Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth

Online Workshop (Video)

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