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To earn 1 graduate credit, you can choose to take the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Online Video Course for 1 grad credit in either the Education Counseling Department or the Special Education Department. Both college graduates and undergraduates can take this graduate level online training course for credit. The college graduate credit is provided by Seattle Pacific University.




  • Choose a link below to register for either Ed Counseling or Ed Special Ed. The cost of tuition is currently $55 payable by credit or debit card. Be sure to choose “New Account” not “Temporary Account” when signing up. Have problems or need help with registering? Call SPU 206.281.2556 or email
  • These links are valid from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. New links will be posted after the current links expire.

       Online Breakthrough Course SPU Credit Ed Counseling
       EDCO 5050, CRN 122

       Online Breakthrough Course SPU Credit Ed Special Education
       EDSP 5050, CRN 123

  • Complete your SPU registration prior to submitting your homework. You have one year from your date of purchase to complete your college credit requirements. If you will need more time, mail (not email) Youth Change, 275 N. Third St, Woodburn OR 97071 your request for an extension. Normally, requests are granted and you’ll receive an Incomplete grade initially. You normally are granted six more months. If you register and do not submit any/all of your homework, SPU requires that we grade you based on what we receive from you within that year unless you request have requested an extension
  • If  you need a transcript, visit this link:, or contact the university at
  • For questions about registration, how long it takes SPU to provide your grades or transcript and all university-related queries, contact SPU. If you require notification that your forms, tuition, and grade have been sent to SPU, let us know by email when you snail mail those items to us, and we will keep you up-to-date. If you have urgent needs, please regularly advise us of what you need, otherwise we normally submit grades within a week of receiving your completed assignments. If you need a quick turnaround, it is your job to alert us.




  • SPU requires you to register for credit before submitting your homework to Youth Change Workshops. Register at one of the college course sign-up links above.
  • Watch all 10 hours of the video online professional development course
  • Take the course pre-test and post-test, as directed by the instructor on the video. The tests are in your workbook that you can access from the same page where you clicked the links to watch the course. That’s the page you landed on after paying for the workshop that has all course information. The pre-test is on the first inside page of your workbook, and the post-test is on the back inside page.
  • Write a list of 50-100 better strategies as explained by the instructor during the video. The strategies you list should be ideas that you can use with your students. The strategies MUST be from all three areas covered in the workshop: Coping, School and Social areas, and MUST be from the video course, not anywhere else. Please number the strategies and provide at least 50 minimum.
  • Spend 1.5 hours reviewing follow-up material including the sample School Skills curriculum discussed in the School Skills section of the workshop. This information should be used to develop a Personalized Curriculum Plan, which is additional homework that is described below. That curriculum can be found on the Workshop Past Participant page at It is Item #5. Or, you can access that item here:
  • Review articles on Youth Change’s website on specific strategies for your most difficult student Coping, School or Social Skills problems. The articles are sorted by topic to facilitate quickly locating relevant items. This information should be used to develop a Personalized Curriculum Plan, which is additional homework, described below. The articles archive is located here:
  • Alternatively, instead of reviewing articles, you can view other resources on Youth Change’s website including the Innovative Solutions Section, which is at
  • Design, Implement and Evaluate a Personalized Curriculum Plan to teach Coping, School and Social Skills Strategies to your students, and report the results of its use. You should include both the plan and the results of implementation. The curriculum should be similar in style to the sample curriculum mentioned above, meaning that you show an organized plan that is specific. Your curriculum does not have to be as lengthy or as comprehensive as the sample. It is suggested that you focus on just 3-5 specific, key student problem areas. These areas must be Coping, School or Social Skills problems, of the type covered on the video. The results should be summarized in narrative form indicating improvement (or lack of) from before implementing the curriculum to after. If improvement is not noted, please re-work your curriculum or add to it until improvement is noted. To determine improvement, prior to implementation, count the incidences of at least 3 problem behaviors, then repeat the count after implementation. For example, you could count minutes late to class, number of talk-outs per hour or number of interruptions per class period. Note: If you are on school summer break or are not actively working with children or youth at this time, then complete the assignment based on a past or future job setting, and speculate what outcomes would result. Be sure to note at the start of the paper that you are not currently working with children or youth, and have no opportunity to apply the course techniques with actual students.
  • Snail mail your homework to Youth Change Workshops: Youth Change, 275 N. Third St., Woodburn, OR 97071 AFTER you sign up with SPU. Please retain a copy of your submission and send via regular first class mail. Do not send your homework with a signature required request as that will likely cause a delay, or prevent us from receiving your materials. We are not able to accept submissions via email or fax but you can  request confirmation of receipt by email. We can only accept your homework by U.S. Mail as we are required to maintain copies of the materials and do not have the resources to print out each student’s emailed documents.
  • You have one year from purchase to complete your college course requirements but extensions can be obtained by mailing Youth Change at 275 N. Third St., Woodburn, OR 97071.


K-12 teacher professional development online

Washington State OSPI Teacher, Counselor and Educator Clock Hours

Use College Credit Option
Shown Directly Above

Since the pandemic has altered our usual university partnership that processes WA Clock Hours, use college credit to earn your WA hours. During this time, you will earn your WA hours by taking our online Breakthrough Strategies course for college credit as permitted by OSPI, the Office of the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Read the OSPI rules permitting this option. Additional WA Teacher Clock Hours details are also on our site if you want more information. Note that Washington State OSPI Teacher, School Counselor and Educator Clock Hours are only available for those who work in Washington State and those who wish to maintain their credentials in Washington State.

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Generic Clock Hours, CEUs, PDUs or Certificate of Completion

All Youth Change Professional Development’s online workshops include free generic clock hours as provided on a free certificate of completion. To obtain the certificate, email Youth Change Professional Development Workshops telling us you have purchased the course, and send in your pre- and post-test along with your request for a certificate of completion to document your clock hours earned. Be sure to provide your name as shown on your online course purchase receipt so we can verify your purchase.


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