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Online Professional Development Webinars Are
Fast, Affordable, Top Quality Training

A webinar is an online professional development workshop that is conducted live over the internet. Your staff watch our workshop instructor on a projector screen, TV screen or computer monitor. The instructor can see, hear and interact with your staff. The experience is similar to being in the training room with the instructor but instead of being there, all the action happens on camera and is viewed on screen by both the instructor and participants.

Professional development for teachersThe Workshop Topics
You Need

Our online counselor-teacher professional development workshops cover any behavioral, social, emotional or school-related topic. Here are some of the top inservice titles that draw the highest ratings in our workshop evaluations:

  • Control Uncontrollable Students
  • What Works with Work Refusers
  • Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers
  • Transform Kids Into Prepared, Motivated Students
  • Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth
  • Stop Violence and Conflict Before They Start
  • The Truth About Preventing Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Classroom Management Problems Solved Here
  • How to Teach and Counsel At-Risk Students
  • School Skills Training: Common Sense School Improvement
  • Must-Know Mental Health Terms and Tools for Troubled, Emotionally Disturbed (S.E.D., E.D.) Students

See more workshop topic choices. View information on the 10 hour signature training, Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop that is offered in-person at your site and in general sessions, as well as available pre-recorded online, and as a live webinar, as described on this page.  Don’t see your workshop topic? We can arrange it for you. Just call 1.800.545.5736 or email.


Online Teacher InserviceLow-Cost, High Value Training
Behavior and Budget Problems

Our online professional development workshops fee is approximately half of our normal fee for in-person on-site training. For example, online streaming workshops of up to 3 hours cost just $1200. The fee for longer online webinar sessions is slightly higher. If you have no budget for professional development training but you have compelling student behavioral, social, emotional and in-school problems, Youth Change’s online workshops can solve both your budget and student behavior problems.

An online workshop sample schedule is shown in the image at right. Your workshop will be tailored to fit your students. Staff will be asked to name the toughest problems that their students present, then your online workshop will deliver updated, powerful solutions. The course will follow a time line set to precisely meet your staff’s exact needs.

Staff will often learn more than 50-70 innovative, more effective strategies in the typical three hour online professional development course. We specialize in solutions for serious classroom management problems, students who refuse to work in school, school violence prevention and motivating even the most unmotivated students.

Unlimited Staff Can Attend Your Webinar

Online teacher classesThere is no limit on how many staff can participate in your online webinar. That means you can involve your entire faculty and include your school secretary, teaching assistants, counselors and administrators. You can even invite other schools, agencies and programs to send staff to be part of your session. Sessions also can be created for parents, volunteers, bus drivers and after-school program staff. Your only limitation on the size of your group is the size of your screen. If you have a large television or projector screen, or a large blank wall, that’s all you need to ensure that your webinar will be a success.


teachers professional development workshopFree Clock Hours, CEUs and
$55 College Credit Options

We usually can arrange college credit for online courses of 10 hours or more. The tuition is normally just $55, and we use a regionally accredited university, meaning that the credit should work for most purposes, including salary increases, license renewals, and under-graduate and graduate degrees.

Free clock hours/CEUs/PDUs are also available for most online courses, and are pre-approved or qualify with hundreds of states, disciplines and boards, including Washington State Teacher Clock Hours, Oregon Teacher Professional Development Units (PDUs), Ohio Social Work and Counseling Board, California Behavior Science Board and Texas Professional Counselor Board. We often have the exact approval you need if you’re a teacher, counselor, psychologist, social worker, special educator, therapist, substance abuse counselor, counseling supervisor, or family worker. Read more about our college credit and clock hour options, or call 1.800.545.5736, or email us.


Professional development for teachersProblem-Stopping Webinars
For Anyone
Who Works with Challenging Students

Youth Change Workshops offers online professional development training that is perfect for any adult who works with difficult, defiant, angry, depressed, failing, violent, absent, withdrawn, delinquent, emotionally disturbed, or victimized children or teens ages 5 through 18. That means that our webinars are your one-stop answer for teachers, special educators, counselors, therapists, principals, after-school staff, juvenile corrections workers, family counselors, foster parents, guidance counselors, Job Corps staff, juvenile court workers, juvenile police officers, job training instructors, and social workers.

Online courses for teachersWebinars That Are Packed with
Immediate Solutions

Youth Change’s online counselor and teacher professional development workshops won’t waste a second of your staff’s valuable time. Each minute of your online course will be packed with ready-to-use solutions for the student behavior problems and emotional issues that have been the most resistant to change or improvement.

teacher webinar Your instructor, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. has seen it all, and has your solutions ready to go. Check her out on video for yourself, and see what others say about how her online courses changed their professional lives– and the lives of their students.

If you are tired of repeat behavior problems, on-going disruption, chronic classroom management problems, frequent student rule violations, absenteeism, or other similar concerns, then call 1.800.545.5736 or email now to book the workshop that can solve it all.

professional development coursesWhich Professional Development Solution is
Best for You?

Youth Change offers in-person general session trainings, in-person on-site workshops, pre-recorded online courses, and the on-site internet webinars discussed on this page.

Call us now and let us find your best answer: 1.800.545.5736, or email us. We can help.


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