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Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin

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What is the Oregon Inservice Bulletin?

Oregon Teacher Inservice Day for 2017 is October 13, 2017 and the Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin is your guide to all the K-12 professional development events happening on that day. This page is your most current, up-to-date Oregon K-12 education professional development resource. As K-12 educator professional development events are submitted, they will be published here first, so watch this page to get the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available. The goal of the Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin is to assemble a varied and comprehensive calendar of listings for Oregon Teacher inservice Day, and also other live and online K-12 teacher professional development events and offerings throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Where is the Oregon Inservice Bulletin Available?

The best, most up-to-date place to view the Bulletin is right here at the top of this page. As in the past, the Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin was also be emailed in early September, 2017 to the Oregon Department of Education’s master list of all Oregon K-12 public schools, administrators, school districts and ESDs. View the mailing. As is customary, the Oregon Teachers’ Inservice Bulletin will also be available on the Oregon Department of Education website and/or via a link there. The red link above, right on this page is your most up-to-date source of professional development events and will be constantly updated throughout summer and fall every time workshops are added to the calendar listings.


How Do I Add My Professional Development Event to the Bulletin?

For sponsors of upcoming professional development offerings for Oregon teachers, educators, principals, paraprofessionals and school counselors, Youth Change Workshops is now accepting submissions here for workshops, inservice trainings, professional development classes and college courses to be added onto this year’s Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin list. The cost for posting submissions has been decreased and more options are available for what information may be included. You can choose from expanded featured listings and standard listing options.

The New Oregon Inservice Bulletin Has a New Look

For the first time ever, at the request of the Department of Education,  the Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin will meet the requirements for ADA compliance. That means the Oregon Inservice Bulletin is getting a makeover and adding color too. The updates should make the Inservice Bulletin easier to read and use for everyone in Oregon K-12 education.

If you have any questions or want to add your workshop, seminar, professional development class or university course to the Bulletin, email Youth Change Workshops. Youth Change Workshops’ goal is to produce a quality, user-friendly professional development calendar on time. The Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin is your professional development calendar and belongs to all of us in Oregon K-12 education. Let us know if you have comments, suggestions or ideas you want us to know about your inservice Bulletin.

Who is the Oregon Inservice Bulletin Publisher?

For 2017, the Oregon Statewide Teacher Inservice Bulletin is going to be published by a new group. For 2017, Youth Change Workshops will oversee the publication of the Inservice Bulletin. Youth Change Workshops is taking on this task as a community service project, and as a way to thank Oregon educators for decades of support for our workshops and mission. Youth Change is donating staff time, technical expertise and other resources to build the best possible future for the Oregon Teacher Inservice Bulletin because it is a vital connection between professional development course providers and Oregon’s teachers and educators. Youth Change Workshops is a national K-12 workshop provider based in Woodburn, Oregon. Youth Change Workshops is tackling this annual project on behalf of the original publisher of the Bulletin and longtime sponsor, the Oregon International Council, based in Silverton, Oregon.

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Past Issues of the
Oregon Inservice Bulletin

2016 Calendar Listings  Here is the 2016 OIC Oregon Teacher Inservice Day Bulletin of Workshops, Conferences and Trainings List

2015 Calendar Listings  Here is the 2015 OIC Oregon Teacher inservice Day Bulletin of Workshops, Conferences and Trainings List



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