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You can also reach us at 1.800.545.5736, Email us, or visit Live Help



What is your privacy policy?
We care about your privacy. Youth Change Workshops does not share your address with anyone.


Where is information about shipping, ordering, returns, etc.?
Click here for Ordering Information. Or, call 1.800.545.5736 with any ordering questions, or if you want to place your order with a live person.

Do you have college credit or clock hours?
Yes, you can earn credit and hours from both our live and online courses. Most clock hours are usually provided free of charge. College credit costs around $50. You earn one credit in Education Counseling or Special Ed. Grad and undergraduate credit is available. The universities we use are regionally approved. That means that the credit should work towards your degree or salary increase or similar endeavor. However, we always recommend that you check with the "powers that be" with your degree program or work human resources department to confirm that. You can also contact us for help determining if we have the exact credit and hours you need.


If I buy your Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth books or ebooks, can I photocopy the handouts?
Yes, you can photocopy our handouts (but not the lesson plans.) You can also make copies of the worksheets included in our Behavior Change Handout books and ebooks too.


What is your return policy?
Defective items are exchanged with prior authorization. In more than a two decades, we have only ever received 2 or 3 requests for returns, so several years ago it made sense for us to make a policy that returns are not accepted. That is why we offer our free samples (click here) from our books so you can decide before you buy. Click here to see our Ordering FAQs.


How do I know it is safe to do business with Youth Change?
One way to learn about us is to authenticate our company by clicking on the site approval seals shown at the very bottom of the page. Learn more about Youth Change  Workshops' 20 plus years as national leader in teacher training and professional development.


How else can I know it is safe to do business with Youth Change?
As evidenced by the seals shown at the bottom of the page, our order and registration forms are secure, plus we can accept PayPal and credit cards. We are happy to provide any information you need to learn about us. We have over 20 years worth of letters, evaluations, newspaper articles, university affiliations, and accreditations we can share with you. We are an authorized vendor for thousands of school districts, agencies and government entities. We have been on the internet since 1996. We have trained thousands and thousands of youth professionals from the Florida Keys to the Arctic Circle.

Finally, note that Youth Change is a socially responsible company. We often donate 1% of our income from book and poster sales to worthy causes that benefit children. For some years, that has meant a donation of a Christmas present for every single resident of Rosement School, a residential treatment center in Portland, Oregon. We have also contributed to the Oregon Coalition for Troubled Girls and Young Women. When you do business with Youth Change, a percentage of your purchase will directly help distressed children. We're not only a safe place to do business, we are a good place to do business.


Has your workshop ever been ranked or rated nationally?
Inservice Motivational Speaker education speaker Ruth Herman Wells Yes, in 2011, SpeakerWiki rated the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop and instructor Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. As shown in the graphic at right from 2011, Ruth and the Breakthrough Strategies Workshop are ranked by Speaker Mix at #4 for elementary education, #9 for high school educators, and #8 for K-12 administrators.


How long has Youth Change been in existence, and what do you do?
Youth Change Workshops has more than 20 years providing professional development trainings and publishing resource materials. We host general session Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth workshops around the U.S., and provide on-site training throughout North America. We train teachers, counselors, principals, psychologists, social workers, youth pastors, foster parents, court workers, police, special educators and teaching assistants. We also publish books, ebooks, online workshops and agency and school student posters.


What's an ebook and would I really be able to read it instantly?
Now you can really solve your worst kid problems immediately. An ebook is just like a regular book but you can get it instantly. It's shockingly fast how quickly you can order and get our ebooks, usually in about 60 seconds to 2 minutes from start to finish. It simply takes about 5 clicks and a credit card. Best of all, our ebooks are printable, meaning you can print them out once to make a hard copy so you can read them anywhere, not just on your computer screen. We have excellent customer service if you need more help. Just click here to contact us with any other questions.


Where did all your creative ideas for innovative behavior and classroom management interventions come from?
Many of our ideas were honed in schools and agencies with students just like yours. Other times, we get ideas from the teachers, counselors, principals, and others who attend our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth general session workshops around the U.S. or invite us to present our workshop at their site.


Is it true that schools and agencies can host your Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth workshop at their site and make money by charging others to attend?
Yes, you can build your budget and train your staff at the same time. You simply plan your event, publicize it, and charge others to attend. You can set any tuition you wish, and you keep any profit you make after paying our fee. It's that easy. We provide a mail list, the master copy for your flyer, college credit, clock hours, and an awesome workshop. We can also help you get media attention for hosting such an important event for your community. A recent on-site course drew coverage from a major newspaper, giving the sponsor valuable attention in the community. Plus, you'll train your staff to have the newest and best methods to help troubled and problem children and youth. Click here for more information on on-site professional development workshops or call 1.800.545.5736. Our inservice training workshop really can make an easy, successful fund raiser.


What theory or philosophy are you using?
Our methods are extremely eclectic, using all widely accepted mental health and educational approaches that work. Our goal is to have you be a "walking encyclopedia" of all the newest and best interventions that exist. We keep that as our focus and shy away from less concrete matters. Our approaches easily fit most site rules, philosophies, policies and staff views. We are simply turbo-charging your techniques. Our materials and workshops do not focus on theory as most professionals learned lots of theory in college but are starving for "real world" solutions that work. That is where we keep our focus.


Is there any part of your site that is free?
This is a massive site with thousands of free resources. While there are many, many resources to sample free all over the site, the sampling just gives you a taste of our resources, showing you just a tiny fraction of our thousands of effective, innovative behavior intervention methods. So, for example, you will just find a few free professional development resources for motivation vs. getting one of our books on motivation with hundreds of unique methods. For the vast majority of students, you will need much more than a brief sampling of methods to turnaround longstanding and on-going behavior problems.

Because our techniques are so cutting-edge and new, you will not find more effective, more innovative methods to turnaround problem and troubled students anywhere else– on or off the internet. To go to the part of our site that has the best free sampling of our problem-stopping behavior intervention methods, visit our Solution Center. You should also order free worksheets and our free Behavior and Classroom Management  Problem-Solver internet magazine by clicking here.


Do you ever hold Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth general sessions on the East Coast of the U.S. or in Canada?
We host general session Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth workshops all over the U.S., and our on-site sessions can be arranged for almost anywhere. We've been invited to present at sites and conferences as far north as the Arctic Circle, and as far south as the tip of Florida. Click here to view our current schedule of general sessions. Click here to get information about bringing our class to your site or conference.


You have tons of different resource items. What's the fastest way to figure out which ones I need?
Call us toll-free at 1.800.545.5736 for specific recommendations that fit your exact needs. You can also use the site search engine or email.


I love your books and posters but we have no money. Do you donate to schools or non-profits?
Nearly everyone who buys from us or comes to a professional development workshop, works for a school or non-profit so we can't just donate to everyone who has a bad budget. But we do save damaged copies of our books and posters and sell them at half-price. If you have a bad budget and want a damaged copy for half-price, call us at 1.503.982.4220 to see if we have the item you want in damaged condition.


I have no money to come to a Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth general workshop session. Can you help?
Yes, call us at 1.503.982.4220 about half-price work-study helper scholarship slots that are open in each city where we host the class. They are open to anyone who has a poor budget. It takes just a quick phone call to check if we have any slots left and give you the details. You can usually sign up by phone. You can still take the class for college credit or CEUs if you attend as a work-study helper. And, the work you will do to help isn't very hard at all.


Are your methods evidence-based or research-based?
We do have research data documenting specific results that educational, counseling and special ed sites have achieved utilizing these methods. A brief summary of that data in PDF format can be downloaded here. Many sites, universities, schools and classrooms have recorded the results derived from our professional development training seminars, as well as their individual results from applying our methods. Some of these entities have provided documentation of the improvement they experienced. You can view some of that data here by taking a look at some of the accreditations, accomplishments, media coverage, accolades and acknowledgements that Youth Change Professional Developments has received. You can also read more about Author/Workshop Instructor/Adjunct Professor Ruth Herman Wells' by viewing her bio, reviews of her books, and her evaluations from past workshop participants. You can also contact us to request more information, however we do recommend that you see our methods for yourself. Be sure to take the time to thoroughly peruse our site. There are dozens of pages with hundreds of interventions. Be sure to also request our free worksheets and free monthly Behavior and Classroom Management  Problem-Solver internet magazine.


Do you use other people as presenters at your events or ever have conference or seminar vendors?
For the best quality control, Youth Change provides all our own services and uses no outside providers. We do offer licensure opportunities. Call us to learn about becoming a licensed provider of our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth workshop.


My site is totally out of control. Do you know anything about fixing situations that have gotten seriously dangerous or chaotic?
We've spent nearly two decades assisting professionals in just your situation. We specialize in giving you the tools you need to work with youngsters when "nothing works." Consider contacting us (click here) about which resources would help. You don't need a big budget, just a willingness to upgrade your techniques to fit contemporary youth– who may be very different from the kids you were trained to work with when you went to college.


What services do you have for people outside of the youth work field who aren't teachers, counselors, aides, psychologists, social workers, principals, school staff, residential treatment therapists, youth workers, etc.?
Our services to non-youth workers are quite limited. Non-youth workers can attend general sessions and purchase our materials. Our Live Expert Help and free student worksheets and classroom and behavior management magazine are available only to current youth professionals. We regret the need for this strict policy but we can not even come close to meeting the significant demands placed on us by parents and college students. Our expertise is with serving youth professionals and para-professionals and that is all we are able to do.


Can you help us stop students from bullying their peers?
Yes, we have approaches that will be much more successful than character ed, values clarification and other dominant methodologies. We have books, ebooks, audio books, and online and in-person professional development classes that can show you step-by-step what to do. Contact us for help (click here).


Can I re-print material or cartoons from your books, posters, or web site? Can I put your images or text on my website or blog?
All of our resources are protected by copyright. Purchasers of our lesson books can photocopy handouts only. For other copying and re-print permissions, please contact us (click here) to see if we can give permission but unless explicitly stated, you are not permitted to borrow, duplicate, re-post or re-use our images, posters, or website content.


What age group are your resources for? What ages does your Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth workshop cover?
We have resources for all ages. At the start of every inservice workshop, participants identify the exact ages they want covered. That way, everyone leaves very happy that they received interventions for their age group. Click here to see a sampling of our methods for various age groups. Remember: We tailor each and every workshop and on-site school or agency presentation to fit your precise age group. If you tell us your age group, we will tell you your best solutions. Our online workshops, on-site professional development training, books, ebooks and posters are geared for Pre-K through young adults.


Has your Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop ever been evaluated by participants?
We have nearly 20 years of evaluations and written letters (complete with names and site names) for your review. Our favorite: "This workshop changed my life!" That comment came from an assistant principal in Texas. The course rates over 9 of 10. We get many participants who have attended three and four times. Click here to see some of the comments we have received or contact us (click here) to request copies of actual evaluations and letters.

Youth Change Workshops earn 5 star rankings from many users, and average 4.5 from thousands of reviews since 1989. Here is one example.

All teachers need to hear Ruth's information.
Every time I had a question, you seemed to answer it before I could ask! Magic?