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classroom management strategies

classroom behavior bookAll-Time Favorite Lessons

Breakthrough Strategies to
Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Series

Behavior and Classroom Management
Lesson Plans and Reproducible Worksheets


This Volume Has 20 K-12 Lesson Plans
Plus Behavior and Classroom Management Worksheets


  • Learn to Think First: Become a Think-o-Matic
  • Space Invaders and Your Personal Space Forcefield
  • The Top 10 Ways the Teacher Can’t Tell You Need Help
  • Are Gang Members Gang-Dependent?
  • On Time Every Time …plus 15 more lessons, most with worksheets

classroom management methodsAll-Time Favorite Lessons is a collection of our most popular classroom behavior worksheets and lesson plans according to the teachers, counselors, psychologists, principals, mental health staff and juvenile justice workers who attend our live workshops.

All Time Favorite Lessons is packed to the brim with problem-stopping behavior lessons for all the different problems misbehaved K-12 students present every day in school, home and the community.

If you’ve lost a lot of time attempting prevent or manage peer interaction problems, gang issues, excuses, poor punctuality, following classroom rules, work refusal and school failure, those are the types of student classroom behavior problems that All Time Favorite Lessons covers.

If you want the “most favorite” lessons that our company has ever produced, this book has all the best classroom behavior lessons that exist. If you ever wished that one book had a huge variety of social skills lesson plans and printable worksheets for use with the huge variety of discipline, behavior, and emotional problems that you see each day at your school or agency, then you just found the resource you need.

You won’t find more innovative, refreshingly different, surprisingly effective strategies and printable student behavior worksheets anywhere else.

If you purchase All-Time Favorite Lessons today, you could be seeing a lot better behavior tomorrow. But, as good as these behavior lessons are, you have to buy them before they can help you create the level of student conduct you’ve always envisioned.

What kind of year will it be without these problem-stopping answers?

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All-Time Favorite Lessons eBook

Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Series

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About Ruth Herman Wells
Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.