Poster #707– Classroom Motivation Poster for Students Who Plan to Be a Famous Actor to Study and Graduate School


Poster #707

The best ever graduation and classroom motivation poster for your artistic kids is here! Convince students who are wannabe famous actors, movie stars, TV stars, or internet sensations that they still are going to need a high school education in order to be successful. The education experts at Youth Change Workshops have created another powerhouse motivational poster in the “Do you have what it takes to be a…” series that will really work when other interventions have failed. Reminding students that “before they hit the big time, first they hit the books,” Poster #707 is the perfect motivation that your creative students need.

This classroom motivational poster is part of a series of 24 posters, Set #S011. The posters are sold individually or you can opt to purchase the whole set. The set of 24 posters sells at a discounted price, or you can choose which individual series posters you want to purchase by looking at Posters #700 to #723.

This powerful classroom motivation poster for students shows that there is a lot more to being an actor than just showing up on set. No one wants to hire someone who can’t read and memorize their lines, of course, but to avoid being taken advantage of, students need to know a lot more. Show your students that as famous actors they will be doing tasks like, “read financial statements,” and “negotiate contracts.” In order to do that, they are going to need skills like “Money Management” and knowledge of topics like “Business Law.” If your students ever say they don’t need school because they are going to make it big in Hollywood, then Poster #707 is a major wake up call.

This amazing classroom motivation poster reaches unreachable students who need more motivation to work hard and to graduate high school. With this Youth Change Poster and others from the inspirational series on your walls, you show your creative students that you believe in them. However, you really show you care by teaching them what they need to be successful. When your students know you are offering them a golden ticket to future success, you will get them to work harder and to focus more on the important skills you are teaching in your classroom.

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About Ruth Herman Wells
Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.