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stop kid problems book“I had no idea that the All the Best Answers for Conduct Disorders ebook would prove to be a real page turner, like a bestselling thriller!  I found myself greedily devouring the ebook the day it arrived. This little gem is a keeper. Thank you for a superb product.”
Brenda Murphy, Psychologist,  Georgia


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Conduct Disorders and
Anti-Social Youth

All the Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems Series

1 of 3 Volumes


This book on conduct disorders, out-of-control and anti-social youth will open your eyes and finally deliver the help you need to stop students’ out-of-control behavior.

You will immediately learn essential, more effective, tested, mental health behavior management strategies that you need to successfully  manage extremely misbehaved, violent, agitated, defiant, angry, and delinquent children and adolescents.

This book will help you discover the surprising truth that conventional methods and approaches do not work with the most misbehaved youth– yet most teacher and counselor training programs do not teach the specialized interventions that you need.

classroom managementIf you ever find that “nothing works” to control some uncontrollable  students that may have conduct disorder, this book will explain what’s going wrong, then gives the immediate, step-by-step help you need to get back in charge.

After reading or listening to this book, you’ll finally have all the critical behavior management tools you need to manage extremely misbehaved youth, methods that no teacher or counselor can safely work without.

If nothing you do seems to work very well to control your uncontrollable students, conduct disorders, and oppositional-defiant youth, then this powerful book has your solutions.

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Stop being down and discouraged about how hard it’s become to stay ahead of children and youth with conduct disorder, oppositional defiance disorder and other extreme acting-out behaviors. Instead, take action: Invest a tiny amount of time and money into upgrading your skills to fit contemporary students, and you can be back in charge of even the most unruly, undisciplined, non-compliant students.

Get a ready-to-use, jargon-free guide that shows you the special type of interventions that you must use with conduct disorders, defiant  youngsters, disrespectful students, and anti-social youth and children.

violent studentAvailable as a paperback book, a printable, instant ebook, and as an instant downloadable audio book. The audio book will play on nearly any device including computers, smart phones, tablets, ipods, and MP3 players.

Both the ebook and audio book arrive instantly after purchasing so you can instantly begin solving your worst problems working with and teaching students with conduct disorder and serious misbehavior. You will be able to print your ebook or read it on your screen. You will be able to save and re-use the ebook and audio book whenever you need it.

This must-read book on conduct disorder students is like having a mental health expert right with you in your classroom or office. This book can help.

What kind of year will it be without these problem-stopping answers?

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The Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems

Conduct Disorders & Anti-Social Youth

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