Poster #739– Funny Language Arts Motivational Poster for Classrooms and Schools


Poster #739

Even if you have to explain this funny language arts motivational poster to your students, they will be heavily impacted by the poster’s motivational message. The poster says: I thought synonym was a kind of bun.

Silly language arts motivational posters reach and impact students far faster than more conventional motivational approaches that may not produce much results. Students are expert at tuning out words. They are particularly adept at tuning out any words that might sound like a lecture or preaching. That’s why Poster #739 packs such a powerful punch. While students are laughing at its very silly words, your motivational message is sneaking into their brains.

You know how tough it is to motivate students. That’s because so many of the current tools that educators use to motivate their students are not up to the task of reaching today’s students. Today’s students are perhaps harder to reach than previous generations because they have so many other exciting and interesting ways to spend their time. From cell phones to computers, from TV to movies, from Instagram to the internet, distractions abound. To grab students’ attention in this day and age, you need to ramp up your approaches to be as compelling as TV, movies, the internet, Instagram and other social media magnets. Poster #739 is intended to do just that.

If you like Poster #739 a lot, there’s more good news for your. Poster #739 has related posters that you can also post in your classroom to underscore your motivational message about learning the language arts skills taught in school. In addition to Poster #739, you can get the companion posters here on this site sold individually as Posters #732, 733 and 734. Own the entire powerhouse set of four companion posters. Simply order Poster Set #S033 from our website.

The bottom line is Poster #734 is a fun, silly, effective language arts motivational poster for classrooms and schools. It’s a must-have for any teacher serious about engaging students and improving their interest and motivation in language arts.

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