Poster #367 – Girls’ Body Image, Esteem, Weight, No Make-Up Needed Poster



Poster #367

With Colbie Caillat's song and video "Try" garnering so much attention to body image issues, it's important to take advantage of the current interest in the idea that girls don't need to try so hard to measure up to an extreme cultural standard for female beauty.

Body image Poster #367 echoes the spirit of Caillat's hit song "Try," and builds on the ideas offered– that girls don't need to focus so much on meeting arbitrary cultural standards for weight, beauty, diet and grooming.

Featured on the poster are make-up items like lipstick, eye liner, blush, powder, eye shadow and mascara. A girl is also shown standing on a scale that reads "Diet." The caption asks: Did it ever occur to you that you are perfect without all this?

So few resources exist to combat the unrealistic body image/glamor magazine mentality that pre-teens and teen girls face today. At a time when anorexia and bulimia are a major concern, shouldn't you try to surround your impressionable girls with messages that counteract the indoctrination that our culture provides at saturation levels? Poster #367 is a rare resource to fight the dominant cultural assumptions about body image, and belongs on the wall of any place that girls and young women gather.

Poster #367 is a must-have addition to the walls where you hold girls' therapy groups. It also is a must-have for classrooms, treatment centers, counseling programs, eating disorder clinics, doctors' offices, hospitals, after-school programs and health classes.

Start a dialog with your girls and young women about body image, beauty, weight and meeting cultural expectations for females. Let Poster #367 help you start the conversation.

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