Poster Set #S030– High School Suicide Prevention Posters Set of 4



Poster Set #S030

If you want the most intense and impactful high school suicide prevention posters, then search no farther. Created by mental health experts to be persuasive and compelling, this set of 4 posters is truly a powerful weapon in your efforts to reduce or stop student suicide. If you haven’t stopped to enlarge the thumbnails and read the messages on these 4 highly emotional posters, please do so now. No description can convey the power of the posters’ words as well as the posters themselves– so please read their strong anti-suicide messages that were crafted especially for high school students and other young people in pain.

There is no doubt that suicide is on the rise among many age groups, but especially among high school students. That’s why the therapy and mental health experts at Youth Change Workshops worked so hard to create the powerful and effective warnings shown on the 4 posters in this series.

Keeping your students safe is your most important job. But, it’s a job that is increasingly hard to do. That’s where this set of 4 high school suicide prevention posters fits in. These posters offer such powerful words that it is more than possible that one of these posters might actually save a life. That’s a lot to ask of a poster, but based on the feedback we receive on this set, it is a real possibility. This realization can help you evaluate if these suicide prevention posters are a good investment of your time and money. From here, it would certainly seem that if the small amount of dollars and time involved might lead to one less young life lost, then perhaps this set is worthy of placement on your walls.

Of course, preventing suicide is not an easy task at all. This high school suicide prevention poster set is intended to be just one part of your suicide prevention efforts, but we think it can be an important and meaningful part.

There is a big discount from our regular poster prices if you buy the entire set of 4 posters. However, if you prefer to pick out individual posters from the set, you can do that too. Simply search on our site for Posters #633-#636.

Preventing suicide is so important. Consider including the very intense, colorful, attention-grabbing set of suicide prevention posters shown here in your suicide prevention program. Designed to be memorable and difficult to forget, these posters may just be the sign that a distressed student needs to forgo self-harm.

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Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11″ x 17″ glossy stock

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