Poster #672– Inspirational Counseling Poster About the Past and Future

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Poster #672

Help your students, clients or patients find more balance with this inspirational counseling poster about the past and future. The cool, modern design will look great on the walls of your classroom or counseling office, and the inspirational message will really appeal to those who are struggling with the present, past or future. The mental health experts at Youth Change Workshops created a beautiful way to reach the most troubled and sad students, clients or patients that you work with. Whether your students need a reminder to let go of past traumas, or a patient needs a reminder to not be so anxious about the future, Poster #672 is a must-have to get that message across.

This inspirational counseling poster says: “Lean neither forward to the future or back to the past.” Anyone in a therapy group or mental health clinic could benefit from this inspirational poster about the past and future from Youth Change Workshops. Inspirational and motivational, this poster will have maximum impact compared to relying on mere words to deliver your helpful message. Long after your students, clients or patients leave your office or classroom, they will remember the simple lesson about the past and future that is taught so perfectly and memorably by Poster #672. As part of a practice of mindfulness and meditation, Poster #672 will be a beautiful way to reinforce a powerful and critically important message.

Whether you work with youth in an academic or therapeutic setting, or adults in therapy, treatment, or healthcare, a lesson about staying in the present is critical. Holding onto events in the past doesn’t allow for personal growth. Avoiding today’s realities in exchange for future plans can be just as limiting. The mental health experts at Youth Change Workshops know how to reach a wide audience with an inspirational poster. Poster #672 is a great example of blending a motivational message about the past and future with an exciting design that will look great in any setting.

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About Ruth Herman Wells
Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.