Poster Set #S001 – Motivational Math Posters That Motivate Math Students Set of 2

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Poster Set #S001

Math Teachers: This poster set is going to grab your students’ attention and not let go. This motivational math set is designed to motivate even the most unmotivated students, and is often able to engage even your most math-phobic students.

This set of posters has our top sellers of all our popular math posters. As a pair and individually, they are powerful motivational signs for middle and high school math students.These posters are going to make your school year so much easier, and they are going to help your students become so much more successful learning math.

 Once you post this set of posters in your math classroom, you are going to be able to sit back and count the ways these posters motivate, motivate, motivate your reluctant, bored, unwilling, uninterested and resistant math students.

This set offers you both funny and compelling posters. You can also purchase these posters separately as Posters #138 and #316 but the set of two is priced to save you money over buying these items separately.

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Weight0.45 lbs

Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11″ x 17″ glossy stock

Price: $22.00 $18.00

About Ruth Herman Wells
Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.