Poster #543 – Poster Stops Students’ Excuses in Classroom and School

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Poster #543

Improve students' behavior and academic achievement by posting Poster #543 on your classroom walls today. Poster #543 is just the funniest, most attention-grabbing poster. It looks like a bingo game and is full of silly content that students will notice and remember.

The poster features a game called Classroom Excuses Bingo that shows many of the excuses that teachers hear from students all the time. The poster also carries the notation to students: Please Don't Play…Classroom Excuses Bingo.

The effect of having Poster #543 on your wall is that students will start to hesitate before using any of the excuses shown on the faux bingo game. Even better, ultimately, the poster will cause most students to stop using those excuses entirely. That's a lot of results from a single piece of paper, but that's what Poster #543 will do in your classroom and throughout your school. Poster #543 may be one of the best prevention posters ever. Think of how much less wear and tear a teacher will face once students' over-used excuses are not a constant source of problems.

If you're serious about wanting to put a stop to the nonstop excuse-making that you hear from students, then click to buy Poster #543 right now. It will make teaching easier and less frustrating, but more importantly, it will help you make your students more successful in school and in academics.

Students' excuses stop here. Buy Poster #543 now and waste less time on students' excuses tomorrow.

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Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11″ x 17″ glossy stock

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