Poster Set #S028– Racism, Bullying, Violence Classroom Prevention Posters Set of 9



Poster Set #S028

No matter where you teach, you need this set of 9 powerful racism, bullying, violence, classroom prevention posters on your walls to help you keep your school and students safe. The sad reality of our contemporary time is that problems like bullying, homophobia, racism and violence can happen at any school anywhere any day. You never signed up to teach in order to be a behavior cop, but that can be the upshot of teaching many days. Yes, you have to provide student safety, but now you have an easier way to reach this goal. By posting Poster Set #S028 on your walls, you telegraph your important message 24 hours a day– but without taking away so much time from important academic instructional activities.

The 9 posters in this important set of posters cover various safety issues. Topics include preventing racism, hate, homophobia, cursing, violence, cyberbullying and discrimination. That’s why the set of 9 posters should be hanging all over your school or agency, blasting its vital message to all who pass by.

If you prefer to pick out individual posters from the set, you can. Simply look on our site for Posters #519 and #521 to #528. When you purchase the set of all 9, there is a substantial discount given for buying the whole set.

As hate crimes appear on the rise right now, there may be no better time to clearly and vividly communicate your message on these important topics. You work with impressionable students who will be heavily impacted by the message that Poster Set #S028 sends. More importantly, for students who live in a home that eschews tolerance in favor of bias, prejudice, bullying, hate or violence, your school and classroom may be one of the few places where those youngsters can learn there are more civilized, intelligent alternatives.

You may never be able to measure the impact of Poster Set #S028 on your students, but even though you may never know the impact, you may have just prevented a future incident of violence, bullying or hate in your classroom or school. That possibility should be reason enough to buy and post Poster Set #S028 today.

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