Poster #003 – School Violence Prevention Poster: Deny Aggression



Poster #003

This school violence prevention poster uses humor to get the job done. Poster #003 is so unexpected and unusual, that it can often accomplish what mere words can’t. Our school violence prevention posters are designed to be different and more effective than conventional posters.

Poster #003 was carefully designed by graphic design experts in cooperation with mental health and educational experts to facilitate insight on the part of your acting-out students. This clever school violence prevention poster is designed to slyly show that violence is counter-productive to the student’s goals, desires and aims. It can work far more effectively than words since a student can’t argue with a poster, nor will a student be defensive when reading a poster. That’s why Poster #003 can work far better than spoken words, reminders and logic. If you have been struggling to get your angry, aggressive students to better manage themselves, then Poster #003 may be the perfect violence prevention strategy to feel like you are finally seeing more impact and improved conduct. This is one school violence prevention poster that really works well.

Like any behavior problem, out-of-control conduct relies on denial to a certain extent. That’s why you can so often hear from a very aggressive student, that they don’t have a problem with aggressiveness. That’s where Poster #003 fits in. It is designed to cut through the denial better than conventional approaches. Tested with students just like yours in school, counseling, treatment, guidance, substance abuse, special ed, foster care and juvenile justice settings, we know that Poster #003 is a must-have to reach past the ardent denials from students when confronted with the reality that their behavior is too violent or angry.

Click now to buy Poster #003 because it’s the one violence prevention poster that really works better than the methods you’re using now. It is the ideal complement to the violence prevention and behavior improvement strategies that you already are using so buy Poster #003 today and start watching for improved student conduct tomorrow.

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