Poster #688– Don’t Post Personal Problems on Social Media Classroom Poster Teaching Material


Poster #688

Students need to learn not to post their personal problems online, and a social media classroom poster can help. Social media has become the primary way youth communicate with one another. It can be easy for them to fall into unhealthy or inappropriate patterns online. Poster #688 from Youth Change Workshops is the perfect way to get students to think before they post online.This classroom behavior poster is the ideal reminder that what students put online can lead to regrets. Help prevent too much online disclosure by students, teens, and children with this powerful poster.

The mental health experts at Youth Change Workshops know that sometimes the best approach is a direct one. That’s why this social media classroom poster reads: “Personal problems don’t belong on social media.” This classroom poster can prevent problems and tragedies when students, children and teens post on social media sites like Facebook, or when they share on or visit chat rooms. Youth Change Workshops’ Poster #688 is the best way to remind students that in order to be safe, they should never post private or personal information on social media sites or anywhere online without checking first with their teacher, parent or a trusted adult.

This internet safety poster is a must-have for any classroom, from elementary school to high school. Even college students and adults need to be reminded that they are never guaranteed privacy while online. In a school computer lab, computer skills classroom, or anywhere the internet can be accessed, this safety poster will grab attention. Make a difference in the online behavior of youth by sharing this important message from Youth Change Workshops. It might just be the difference that helps keep your students safe while surfing the web.

Buy this colorful social media classroom poster and you’ll find that it’s just a terrific resource and a really useful source of teaching materials. It makes a wonderful discussion starter, and an even better 24/7 social media safety reminder.

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