Poster Set #S024– Student Mindfulness Guidance Counseling Posters Set of 4



Poster Set #S024

Here’s the 4 student mindfulness guidance counseling posters you need for your classroom, guidance office, therapy room, cafeteria, hallway and locker room. It’s so hard to reach some students, and there seems to be more traumatized, troubled and emotionally disturbed students every year. You need the best tools that exist to reach the students who most need assistance and help. That’s where Poster Set #S024 fits in.

The 4 poster set has intriguing and unexpected text that will draw in students. The posters contain text like “Don’t let your brain be the boss of you. Think ‘stop’ when you have upsetting thoughts.” That’s an ideal message to give students who are struggling with crises, family problems, emotional issues or sad events.

Another poster in the set contains text that says: “You are not your brain. You can choose to limit negative thoughts. So don’t board the Pain Train. Let it leave the station without you.” This is a vital message to send to students who spend significant time mulling over their problems and difficult situations.

Created by Youth Change’s experts in mental health, trauma and therapy, these posters are going to reinforce your messages about how to best manage life’s challenges. The posters will be a 24/7 force and reminder, which is exactly what struggling students need. It’s so easy to buy and purchase the set of 4 right here. Or, you can buy the posters individually as Posters #342-345. They are all available right here on our site. There is a significant price discount for buying the entire set.

Troubled and traumatized students need your attention and help. That’s true whether you’re the guidance counselor, the teacher or the teaching assistant. The consequences of not successfully helping can be so serious, that it is absolutely critical that regardless of your job title, you be tuned in and effectively working with these vulnerable youngsters. Yes, there are a lot of them and only one of you. But that’s how this set of student mindfulness guidance counseling posters helps. They can extend your reach and they can extend your impact. That’s a lot to ask of a set of posters but this set of mental health counseling mindfulness posters is ready to do just that.

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Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11″ x 17″ glossy stock

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