Poster #633 – Suicide Prevention Poster for Teens and Young Adults


Poster #633

Adolescents and young adults have a significant risk of engaging in self-harm. This poster was created to assist you to better prevent suicide or self-harm behavior with these at-risk populations.

Part of a group of similarly designed companion posters from the mental health experts at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops, be sure to check out our other suicide prevention poster options. Here are our companion suicide prevention posters; just click on the link to see each poster: Poster #633, Poster #634, Poster #635 and Poster #636. Our counseling experts here at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops believe that the group of posters together will deliver far more impact and insight than just one poster posted separately.

Poster #633 is a critical addition to the walls of treatment programs, mental health centers, suicide hotlines, guidance counseling offices, crisis centers, drug and alcohol programs, foster homes, halfway houses, hospitals and group counseling rooms. This poster is also an important, preventative addition to the walls of schools, classrooms, Job Corps buildings, dorms, universities and health centers.

The poster says: Looking for a sign not to hurt  yourself? This is it. Ask someone for help.

This inexpensive wall sign could actually save the life of one of your students. That's really a thought to ponder. Shouldn't any setting that is frequented by teens and young adults have this poster on its walls? Certainly, Poster #633 is especially important to display anywhere distressed, drug-involved or emotionally disturbed students are found. A small, minimal effort to buy and post this poster could actually save the life of someone's son or daughter. That's a lot to ask of a wall sign, but Poster #633 is a powerful, but easy way to help you ramp up your efforts to curtail potential self-harm or suicides at your site. Obviously, proper suicide prevention entails much more than posting posters, but Poster #633 certainly can become a significant help in that effort. No matter your mission, your number one task is to provide safety. This poster is ready to be an important part of that effort.

Brightly colored, Poster #633 is not easily overlooked or forgotten. That's what makes Poster #633 a potential hero, helping a young man or young woman to rethink self-harm, self-endangering or a suicide attempt. We owe that to our students to educate them and help them manage sadness and despair that can spiral down into a suicide attempt. Poster #633 is an easy but important tool to help work towards that vital safety goal.


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Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11″ x 17″ glossy stock

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