Poster #685– Funny Child, Adolescent, Teen Internet Safety Poster


Poster #685

Poster #685 is a terrific teen internet safety poster in their classrooms. This poster reads: “Newton is Wrong- What goes up on the Internet does not always come down. Post carefully!”

This funny message is designed by the education experts at Youth Change Workshops to really get through to students, teens, tweens and children who use social media or spend time online.  Middle and high school students will pay attention to a clever reminder like Poster #685 in their computer labs and school hallways. By using humor, Youth Change Workshops creates a tool to get through this teen internet safety lesson to even the most stubborn. Internet safety is no laughing matter, but with Poster #685, you can set your students up for success when they are online.

This teen internet safety poster is a powerhouse in any classroom from elementary school to high school. Adults and college students still need to be reminded that they are at risk of serious issues and problems when online. In a school computer lab, computer skills classroom, or anywhere the internet can be accessed, this internet safety poster will grab attention. It has a bold design with striking black, red, and white letters to really catch the eye of anyone who sees it. If you want to communicate a message about the importance of safe online behavior, Poster #685 needs to be on your walls.

This is the digital age. Life is lived online, especially for some children and teens.  Since we know they will be spending time online, it is critical that we face the fact that it is necessary to prepare children and teens to conduct themselves properly and safely. Poster #685 from Youth Change Workshops is the perfect way to get students to think before they post online. This Youth Change behavior poster is the ideal reminder that what students put online can lead to regrets. It’s colorful and fun design will grab their attention, and the internet safety message will stick with them. This cybersafety poster can help prevent a tragedy by pro-actively teaching important life lessons about the internet.

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Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11″ x 17″ glossy stock

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About Ruth Herman Wells
Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.