Poster #637 – Welcome to School Poster for Immigrant and Diverse Students


Poster #637

Welcome to School posters are always an important addition to your school entrance, hallways, office, classrooms and foyer. Welcoming diverse and immigrant students and their families to school may be especially important in times of turmoil and racial tension. The education experts here at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops are certain that students' attendance, punctuality, academic performance, behavior, emotions and functioning are all greatly affected by troubled times.

Poster #637 is part of a group of Welcome to School posters. There are three companion posters in this series; click on a link to view each poster: Poster #637, Poster #638 and Poster #640. You will maximize your message of welcome by posting all three posters. The posters are ideal for any K-12 school.

Encourage diverse and immigrant students to come to school, and to be able to focus on academics by lifting some of their concerns from their shoulders. Shout out your welcoming attitude by posting Poster #637 where everyone will notice it. Not only will this be a sign of welcome for immigrant students and diverse youngsters, but it will shout out "welcome" to children of color, English Language Learners, and any student who feels or looks different from others.

The mental health staff at Youth Change Workshops has always taught that troubled times worsen troubled minds. You can blunt some of the impact of troubled times by showing that your school is a place that welcomes all students, regardless of skin color, accent, ethnicity, religion, immigration status or country of origin. Few students will be able to work hard in school when they are frightened or feeling bullied. Teachers and principals can not just close their eyes to troubled times and hope that students will continue to learn despite facing major life challenges. Today's educators must also help make their school a haven for everyone who comes through their front door, walks through their corridors, or sits at a desk in their classrooms.

The poster says: Just arrived in America? Don't speak much English? That's okay! Everyone is welcome at our school.

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