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Poster #421

This sweet reminder about proper bus behavior is a must-have for elementary school students. Get one for your favorite bus driver or teacher, or buy many for your school to promote appropriate bus behaviors.

Colorful and bright, Poster #421 from the education experts at Youth Change Workshops teaches the important lesson, “Be Mellow on Big Yellow.”  On the school bus, the rules are clearly stated- “Keep Your Hands to Yourself,” “Stay in Your Seat,” “Follow Your Driver’s Directions,” and “Talk Quietly Without Yelling.” Happy students and a smiling driver show the result of following the rules.

Young kids learn best when they have pictures and reminders to help them remember. Use this essential rules poster to help prevent rule violations and to keep kids safe on the bus. You’ll be impressed at how quickly the students catch on to the behavior expectations when they’re presented clearly in positive language. Behavior management on the bus will be easier than ever when students, teachers, parents, and drivers can reinforce the same important message- “Be Mellow on Big Yellow!”

Stop all the bus riding problems now: Post Poster #421 today.


Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11" x 17" glossy stock

Price: $8.00

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