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Poster #373

This colorful Think poster helps students think before speaking in class. It also helps with student discipline and self-control by offering a constant reminder that many impulsive and defiant students need.

Stop hassling with students who forget to stop and think before speaking in class. Poster #373 will remind these youngsters to think first so you won't have to. You finally can have a classroom discussion without having to constantly monitor students who speak then think instead of the other way around.

Get help with your out-of-control, misbehaved and disruptive students who pose constant discipline problems. With Poster #373 on your wall, it's like having a behavioral assistant who keeps reminding students to think before speaking. Your classroom will be calmer and your classroom management much improved. That's a lot to ask from a poster, but Poster #373 is up to the job.


Click to enlarge. School posters printed on medium weight 11" x 17" glossy stock

Price: $8.00

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