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Behavior Management


Can Talking Change Student Behavior?

Chances are that you use verbiage a lot. Did you know that students only hear about 10% of what you say, and they only stay tuned in for about 30 minutes. Don’t you think it’s time to retire some of the verbal approaches that haven’t been working for a while, and replace them with methods that can grab students’ attention and hang on to it for more than a mere half hour?

Remember: You are supposed to choose techniques not based on what methods you like to use or want to use. You are supposed to choose based on what works best with students. That truth can put a whole different spin on how you interact.

Online teacher workshopsConsider reading some of our free educational articles that are loaded with hundreds of behavior intervention methods to solve classroom management problems. The articles cover work refusers, disruptive students, disrespectful teens, and more. Our  classroom management professional development articles help you find strategies that offer a lot more than just more talk. Subscribe to our monthly Behavior and Classroom Problem-Solver Magazine full of lively, concise professional development educational articles that keep your classroom management skills honed.

For more thorough information, and a more comprehensive assortment of strategies, check out our online counselor and teacher training classes that are packed with additional interventions that use so many more modalities than just talk.

To see more articles, strategies and solutions, be sure to get our free professional development help resource, our Behavior and Classroom Problem-Solver Magazine. When you subscribe, we also send you free classroom management worksheets for you to test out with your students.



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