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Here are a few significant, unusual, or important news stories that relate to Youth Change Workshops, or K-12 schools, teaching, staff training, special ed, classroom management, alternative education, mental health, juvenile justice, school innovation and reform, violence prevention, and troubled children and teens.

Links to news articles can expire. Email if you find a broken link, and we will attempt to locate the article for you.

Youth Change Workshops has been lucky enough to get a lot of praise and accolades for its inservice trainings; books for counselors and teachers; Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog and new online professional development classes. We’ve had so much attention that we’ve had to create an archive of past Youth Change news. Right now, you’re on our page for current news. So, If you are looking to learn even more about our innovative ideas for helping turnaround troubled and problem children and teens, stay tuned to the developments on this page.

You’ve landed on one of the internet’s biggest and most helpful K-12 professional development education sites. On this page of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops’ huge site, you’re going to find our news archive for 2013 and 2014.

teacher inservice Youth Change Professional Development is one of the nation’s leaders providing training workshops to teachers, counselors, social workers, juvenile justice staff, foster parents and psychologists. Our site is packed with endless behavior and classroom management strategies, and many of our innovative methods are so effective that our approaches, workshops, books and articles often are in the news. This page is part of the archive documenting Youth Change’s latest achievements, newest awards, partnerships, upcoming training events, book and poster releases and starring moments in the news, internet and media

professional development On this page, you will find older news from 2013-2014. The news articles will update you on our ebooks, audio books and print books, upcoming counselor and teacher professional development training workshops, online courses and webinars that offer affordable college credit and CEUs, surprising classroom behavior management posters, new online and on-site workshops and much more.

You can also keep up with us by signing up to receive our free Behavior and Classroom Management Problem-Solver Blog that goes out by email monthly and is packed with our newest student behavior management strategies and professional development training resources.

Links can change so if a link fails, let us know. We will try to locate the resource for you. Everyone here at Youth Change Workshops is ready to help you with your professional development resources questions and training needs, so be sure to let us know if we can assist you further. You can email us or call 503.982.4220.


Youth Change Workshops Director Chosen for
Google Helpouts Launch

 classroom management expertYou may already have heard about the big new thing from Google. It’s called Google Helpouts and it is just launching now. Youth Change Director and Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. was invited to be among the first experts to participate as Google brings this new innovation online. Check out Ruth’s Helpout and learn about this new tool to get answers to your questions and concerns from Google experts. Ruth’s areas of expertise for her Helpout include offering strategies to improve student behavior, classroom management, school violence prevention, teacher professional development, bullying, work refusal and poor motivation. March, 2014


Counselor and Teacher Scholarships Open
for Seattle May 1-2
Behavior and Classroom Management Workshop

classroom management

Scholarships are available for Youth Change Workshops’ May 1-2, 2014 Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Students Professional Development Workshop.  The scholarship work-study slots are open to anyone, and can be obtained with a quick phone call to Youth Change Workshops at 503.982.4220. We’ll tell you the details and sign you up. You’ll receive the same great professional development as everyone else, and can earn 10 free clock hours and optional $45 college graduate credit. Solve your budget problems and your student behavior problems at the same time. Now you can get the premier student behavior improvement course without having a good budget. Read the course information here. January, 2014.


Youth Change Workshops is Now on ThingLink

classroom management helpThingLink is similar to Pinterest and as easy to use. It’s a good site to tell your story in images. It’s also a great website for teachers to use with students to display graphics. Learn more about Youth Change Professional Development Workshops by visiting our new space on ThingLink. A new window will open.  January, 2014.



Youth Change Workshops is Now on Listly

classroom posters

If you haven’t discovered Listly for yourself, it is a great online device to make and showcase lists. Check out our first Listly List of favorite classroom motivational posters here. Our second list displays some of our most popular cyberbullying and anti-bullying classroom posters so you can see them all at once. November, 2013.


Classroom Management Workshop Set for

Oregon Statewide Teacher Inservice Day

October 9-10, 2014

Teacher conferenceIf you’re an Oregon or southwest Washington State teacher, special educator or principal and you’re under more pressure than ever to produce academic results in the classroom, then our October 9-10, 2014 Oregon Teacher Statewide Inservice Day conference is for you. Now more than ever, you need to be able to use all your instruction time and not waste a nanosecond on student behavior, attitude and motivational problems. The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop to be held in Portland is your solution. You will learn 200 use-now interventions that can dramatically and quickly improve students’ motivation, attitude, behavior and academic performance as you move deeper into Common Core Standards. Facing the Common Core Standards will be easier with improved classroom management so be sure to get the details from our workshop flyer. We even have scholarships if you have a bad budget. Call 1.800.545.5736 if you want to quickly grab a scholarship for the Portland, Oregon workshop. You’ll walk in the door with concerns about problematic student behavior and academic performance. At the end of the workshop, you’ll walk out the door with 200 critical student classroom and behavior management. strategies that will increase academic instruction time and reduce discipline time. You can register here for the October 9-10, 2014 Portland, Oregon Inservice Day Workshop. This course is the Youth Change workshop in the 2014 Oregon Teacher Inservice Day Bulletin that will be posted on the Oregon Supt. of Public Instruction site by the Oregon International Council (OIC). You can attend one or both days. October, 2013.


Youth Change

Professional Development Workshops

On Top of U.S. Department of Ed (EROD)

List of Educational Resources Again

counselor workshopsThe U.S. Department of Education (EROD) website is showing Youth Change Professional Development Workshops on top of its resource lists for the second time in 2013. This time the Department of Education shows us as a top resource for counselors and social workers. Click on the image to enlarge. To see the actual page as it appeared in October, 2013, click here. October, 2013.


Youth Change Director Set as

Featured Speaker at School Counselor Conference

school counselor speakerIf you’re a Kansas school counselor, look for Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. at the 64th Kansas School Counselor Conference on November 7, 2013. It is a rare opportunity to hear Ruth speak without having to travel out of state. She is giving a featured speech and a breakout workshop as well. Information on registering for this year’s school counseling conference is at this link. Ruth’s breakout workshops are often standing-room-only so arriving early is always recommended. To learn about booking Ruth Herman Wells for your school counseling or K12 education conference, institute, or inservice day, call 1.800.545.5736, or you can work directly with one of our speakers bureaus if requested. September, 2013.


Youth Change Director Ruth Herman Wells’

Changing Behavior Network Radio Interview

K12 education expertsListen to Youth Change Director, Ruth Herman Wells M.S. being interviewed by Dr. James Sutton on the Changing Behavior Network radio show. Ruth is asked about a variety of topics including her upcoming teacher professional development training workshops; her innovative strategies for troubled children and teens; and her insights into some of the top issues facing schools and teachers. An alternate link for the audio interview is here.  September, 2013.



Youth Change

Professional Development Workshops

#9 on U.S. Department of Ed (EROD)

List of Educational Resources

teacher professional development

The U.S. Department of Education (EROD) has selected Youth Change Professional Development Workshops to be part of the top of its list of educational resource organizations. Youth Change shows up as #9. We are excited to be ranked in the top 10 by the Department of Ed. See the entire list as it looked on August 19, 2013 here. Everyone here at Youth Change Workshops is pleased that our hard work to update teacher behavior and classroom management techniques is getting so much notice in so many places. August, 2013.


Los Angeles, California

Teacher Classroom Management

Conference Added for 2013

Teacher conferenceIf you’ve got lots of classroom management problems this school year, be sure to sign up now to attend the nation’s premier classroom management conference for teachers, counselors, principals and special educators. The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Inservice is scheduled for Los Angeles on Dec. 5-6, 2013. Financial aid is offered by calling 503.982.4220. You can register at that phone number, or register for the conference online. Read about the conference, or view the flyer. You’ll learn 200 innovative classroom management solutions to turn around even the most problematic, resistant and oppositional K-12 student. August, 2013.


Our Entire Teacher Resource Store

Back-to-School Sale

25% Off for Limited Time

back to school saleDon’t miss our back-to-school sale. Enter “25” at checkout to get 25% off virtually everything we sell. This sale will stop at any time so if you need posters, lesson plan books, classroom management worksheets, professional development training or ebooks, visit our online store right now. August, 2013.


Our Popular Classroom Posters

Now Offered in Sets


math motivation postersNow you can find our most popular posters sold in sets at reduced prices on Search on Amazon for “Youth Change Posters.” This set of four fabulous back-to-school posters focus on motivating students to care about math. It’s ideal for any middle or high school classroom. The math motivation posters shown here are available individually too, both on Amazon and on our site. They are (from left to right, top to bottom) Posters #316, 138, 175 and 187. Find all these posters on our site here. August, 2013.




Classroom Management
Professional Development Forum

classroom managementYou’re going to find Youth Change’s Classroom Management Professional Development Forum is new and improved. You can see the forum’s new look in the graphic at right, but we still offer the same free, expert help with teachers’ classroom management problems. Navigating the re-designed forum is  easier, and access to all the forum archives is easier to find. If you need fast, authoritative help for classroom management and discipline problems, the Classroom Management Forum is the place to turn. You’ll find the newest and best strategies, tips, tricks, tools and advice from our classroom management and behavior experts. June, 2013.


Seattle, Washington
Classroom Management Professional Development Workshop
Being Scheduled for May, 2014

teacher workshopsThe Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Professional Development Workshop is returning to Seattle, WA on May 1-2, 2014. Our 2013 workshop was completely full so early registration is strongly suggested. This powerful behavior and classroom management workshop delivers hundreds of intervention strategies to turnaround K-12 students facing problems with school failure, work refusal, delinquency, disrespect, defiance, aggressiveness and more. Details on the conference will be posted here. Financial aid is offered; call 503.982.4220 to sign up for a scholarship. This training workshop is also offered online and at your site. Some summer 2013 on-site training dates are still open for school districts planning back-to-school workshops for teachers.  University credit and clock hours are offered. Find additional courses online. For help or questions, call 503.982.4220.  May, 2013.


Youth Change Workshops
On Top of Amazon’s Ratings

school postersYouth Change Workshop isn’t just a top-rated school poster seller with a perfect “5 Star Rating.” Our posters are racking up some wonderful buyer reviews as well.

Since here at Youth Change, we consider ourselves to be the school poster experts, and the go-to authority on anything that relates to classroom behavior management, we’re pleased that Amazon buyers agree.

Check out a recent school poster review from an Amazon buyer. He is writing about Poster #130, which you can view here. May, 2013.


Ruth Herman Wells’
New SEEN Magazine Column is Out
in Print and Online

SEEN Magazine has now published five years of feature columns by Youth Change Professional Development Workshops’ Director, Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.

The current issue offers ready-to-use strategies to best prevent and manage serious school safety concerns. The title of Ruth’s column is A Fast First Aid Guide for Teachers: How to Help Students After Tragedies Like the Sandy Hook Shootings. Read the entire column here.

Want more details on school safety, and what to do following serious tragedies? Find a more comprehensive version of that article in our Behavior and Classroom Management Blog educational articles section. April, 2013


Do We Look Pretty in Blue?
Youth Change Workshops Looks All New Because… Got a Makeover Youth Change Workshops websiteYouth Change Workshops looks better than ever, and is more packed with tons of really useful behavior and classroom management information than ever before. You’re going to find our all-new Problem-Solver Store, tightly organized K-12 classroom management articles, and our easy to find, way cool school posters. It’s a completely new look but the same ready-to-use, practical, classroom behavior management and school discipline resources that offer you innovative, more effective ways to teach, counsel and help K-12 students. Read more about our makeover and find where all the free worksheets and other freebies are in our current Behavior and Classroom Management Blog issue. March, 2013.

Updated Strategies Guide
Helps Teachers and Mental Health Staff
Counsel Children and Adolescents Coping with Sandy Hook Shooting Violence

Youth Change Workshops was there to help teachers, principals, social workers and counselors after the Katrina hurricane, and after 911. Now Youth Change is ready to help youth professionals following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, CT. Youth Change has researched and updated it’s guide to helping students cope after exposure to a traumatic event. The guide is called “How to Help Children and Teens Cope with the Violence and Tragedy of the CT Massacre” (click). It covers children and teens in grades K-12. It applies to students who were in proximity to the disaster, and to those who weren’t in proximity but deeply affected nonetheless. The article describes the significant changes to children’s trauma counseling methods over the past decade, and offers new best practices. It also identifies the newly identified hazards of strategies that have been widely used in the past. The article is geared for both veterans professionals, and those who are having to assist students through trauma for the first time.   December, 2012.

Youth Change Partners with Udemy
to Offer Online Classroom Management Professional Development Courses

Youth Change Workshops’ professional development courses will now be available on Udemy, a premier provider of internet training classes. Our first online class posted on Udemy is Classroom Management Problems Solved: Unmanageable Students. The cost is $39, and includes extensive resources for preventing or fixing teachers’ most serious classroom management issues. The online course remains available on Youth Change’s website as well.   December, 2012.

Youth Change is Now on Glogster

Youth Change is now on Glogster (click), making it easier and more visual for you to see all of our posters, books, and professional development workshops in one place. Glogster is also a great tool to use with students. Our glogs make nice examples of what Glogster offer for use with students in class and groups. November, 2012.

Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington
Training Seminar Coming In October, 2013

workshop flyerThe Portland, Oregon-Vancouver, Washington region will be the site of a Youth Change classroom management professional development conference on October 10-11, 2013. This course, The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop, will provide 200 innovative school reform strategies to help troubled and struggling students. Details on the conference can be found here (click). Financial aid is offered. The workshop is offered in-person, and online. College credit and clock hours are available, plus Youth Change also has additional courses offered online. Call 1-800-545-5736 with questions.   October, 2012.




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News Archive 2015-2016

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