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Professional Development:

The Fastest Fix for

Classroom Behavior Management Problems

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teacher classroom managementDo you ever dread going into work because of serious, persistent classroom behavior management problems? If you're like many teachers, the focus of your day is not teaching academics. The truth is that much of your day may revolve around discerning how to best manage  defiant, disrespectful, apathetic, non-compliant, misbehaved, disruptive and rude students.

Hello from Youth Change Professional Development Workshops director, Ruth Herman Well, M.S. I'm going to explain both virtual and in-person professional development options and ease any confusion or apprehension you may be experiencing. After 25 years providing professional development to teachers, counselors, court workers and social workers, I think I'm getting to be an expert on the topic.

Years ago, you had to wait for a solution to discover how to best prevent and manage the worst classroom management problems. You could wait for an inservice workshop to come near you or you could hope that your school district scheduled a professional development inservice day that would provide answers. Now, you can access solutions immediately. The good news is that help is immediately available. The bad news is that it can be confusing trying to understand and locate all the newest professional development options for your specific classroom management issues. This article is going to quickly help clarify all of that.

Fast Teacher Professional Development Options

to Fix Classroom Management Problems

professional development courseOnline Professional Development Courses

Courses now can come to wherever you are. No more trudging out to a university classroom or a conference room. You can take most online courses in your classroom at school or while you are home or at the gym.

Online courses come in different types. You may prefer one format over another. Most commonly, online courses are videos that operate just like a YouTube video. You can start, stop, pause and replay them at will. Normally, online courses play on most electronic devices including smart phones, computers, tablets and laptops. Sometimes, online courses are PowerPoint presentations that you click through frame by frame, or the PowerPoint slide show may play like a video. Occasionally, online courses simply require that you read an online book or series of web pages. Typically, the online book is in PDF format.

Most online courses require that you take a test or quiz to receive clock hours, CEUs or college credit. Usually, the entire process is completed electronically. That means that your homework or quiz is completed and transmitted online, as is your certificate of completion or other documentation.

If you have never tried an online professional development course, here is your chance to try one free. This free online professional development workshop will give you immediate help to solve one of your worst classroom management problems: poor motivation.  Auditing this free online training class will help you get acquainted with newer professional development formats without spending any money. This sampling will show you how easy it is to immediately solve classroom management problems online with the right professional development course.

The free online course is called Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers and is geared for teachers and counselors who work with elementary, middle and high school students. This online class is a PowerPoint presentation that plays like a video. Through February 25, 2016, you can watch the online class free– this link has been removed since it has expired. (Clock hours will not be available for this free online class but you can purchase the online course here to earn 1 clock hour if you wish. The free course will not be available after 2-25-16 when the link here will be disabled. This is a limited time opportunity.) If you read this article after the link has expired, you can consider taking a look at our many low cost online courses to help you better prevent and manage K-12 classroom management concerns. You can view all of Youth Change's online professional development courses for teachers and counselors.

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teacher professional development Professional Development Webinar

A webinar is an online professional development course that happens live. This term confuses a lot of people because live webinars are often recorded and then offered later as pre-recorded online courses that play like a video. Both the live and pre-recorded formats can provide you quick help to prevent or stop classroom management dilemmas.

In a live webinar, the course streams live to people who are scattered around the world, the country, state, city, school district or school. Everyone is hearing and seeing the same content at the same time. Communication can be two way, meaning that participants can talk to the instructor and ask questions or make comments. If the webinar is being viewed by a large number of people, there is often a moderator who will arrange for the questions to be posed and answered at pre-set times. Or, questions sometimes are answered right when they are posed.

It is necessary to have special software, or to use a special web platform to present or participate in a webinar. Participants watch on their computer screen, tablet, smart phone or TV screen after logging on. The presenter can be seen teaching, or slides, video or other content can be shown on the screen at other times. Participants are not usually recorded visually, but questions can be offered verbally and that verbiage recorded. Often, questions are typed by the participant and the moderator verbally communicates the question to the presenter and the audience.

Participants can enroll individually or as a group, so an entire school staff could all watch a webinar together. Absent staff could eventually view the recorded webinar. This option can ensure that even absent staff members receive the same professional development training. Webinars can focus on any topic and when presented to a single school or district, for example, they can quickly target a top classroom management issue and zero in on solutions that will be heard by the entire school or district staff. View Youth Change's professional development webinars.


online professional development coursesIn-Person and On-Site Professional Development

In-person and on-site professional development workshops are still available to solve classroom management problems. No virtual format can compare with face to face contact and actually meeting and experiencing a presenter. In-person professional development allows for individuation in a way that virtual formats don't. Participants can ask privately about delicate situations, something that would be problematic during electronic instruction.

A common complaint about virtual professional development for teachers is that it is hard to focus and concentrate. When a teacher participates in a webinar or online course, it is easy to be distracted by the usual work problems. When a teacher travels to a conference or the school closes for inservice training, the distractions are usually greatly reduced.

Virtual professional development isn't always customizable. Pre-recorded online courses are not customizable at all. Live courses, whether on-site or in general session, can be completely customizable. For example, our live courses always begin with participants naming the student behavior problems that they wish to cover during the workshop. Live webinars can be similarly customized. Youth Change's next live workshops are coming soon to Seattle and Portland. Find information on those live workshops here. You can register 2 for 1 until 5-4-16. Scholarships are also offered by calling 503-982-4220.

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About Ruth Herman Wells

Author/Trainer Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the director of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. In 2011, Ruth was rated as a Top 10 U.S. K-12 educational and motivational speaker by Speakerwiki and Speakermix. She is the author of several book series, a columnist, adjunct professor for two universities, and a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Ruth's dozens of books includes Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.