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Top 10 national speakerLooking for dynamite, compelling breakout workshop sessions for your next conference?

Well, we should be honest with you: Youth Change’s workshops have a bad reputation. Yes, you read that right. We have a bad reputation… with fire marshals all around the country.

The reason: Our breakout workshops are so popular with conference participants that our sessions often end up with every chair full, and people sitting on the floor and in the doorway, blocking fire exits.

If you look at the graphic at right, you can see that as of 2011, speaker Ruth Herman Wells M.S. and her education, juvenile justice and mental health presentations rank nationally in the Top 10 for many categories.

 So, while fire marshals don’t like us very much, your participants will love our sessions. Why? Because we deliver practical, real-world answers to the ever-worsening problems that teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, principals, juvenile justice workers, and foster parents see every day.

 rwteach18brighterYour staff want ready-to-use, more effective answers that can turnaround the problems right now.

That’s exactly what Youth Change’s conference, seminar, webinar and breakout workshop sessions deliver.

Book a conference breakout, seminar or webinar workshop that will be so in demand that it may just end up being standing-room-only. Contact us now while dates remain. Call 1.800.545.5736 or click to email.


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$55 college credit and free clock hours are available for many workshops.

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Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and  Counsel Troubled Youthmore details
Our most comprehensive workshop, offered in 1, 1.5, and 2 day sessions, plus shorter “Best of” sessions.

Control the Uncontrollable Student more details  

Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers   more details

What Works with Work Refusers:
How to Help Students Who Refuse to Work in School
more details

How to Teach in a Changed World:
A Comprehensive Guide to Pandemic Survival
Content for this workshop is largely set by your staff who will name their top concerns
and receive immediate answers

Dozens of Deterrents to Dropping Out
courses for counselors


Classroom Management Problems Stop Hereprofessional development


Cyberbullying Prevention Solutions That Workprofessional development

“Your Mama 101:” Real-World Anger Control Methods That Work
professional development


Must-Know Violence Prevention You Weren’t Taught in Collegeteacher professional development


What You Don’t Know About Conduct Disorders Can Hurt Youteacher professional development


You Probably Can’t Name the #1 Girls’ Problemteacher professional development


The More You Learn, The More You Earnk12 professional development


professional developmentSpot and Stop Extreme Violence Before It Starts


Build a Better New School Yearprofessional development


Gender-Proficient Strategies for Girlsprofessional development


The Best Negativity and Apathy Busters   more details


No-Excuses Impulse Controlmiddle school professional development


Help! My Classroom is Out of Control– and Getting Worseat risk professional development


The Best of: Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youthelementary professional development


What to Do About Bullies (It’s Not What You Think)professional development


What ‘s a Teacher to Do About Emotionally Disturbed Students?professional development principals


The Truth About Child Sexual Abuseprofessional development


How to Keep Kids in the Classroom and Out of the Principal’s Officeprofessional development


How to Transform Kids into Students   more details


Everything They Don’t Teach Teachers in College That Teachers Desperately Need to Knowprofessional development


What to Do About Delinquents– and What Not to Doprofessional development speakers


The Greatest Strategies for the Latest Studentsprofessional development speakers


I Need to Be a Mental Health Expert! A Teacher’s Guide to professional developmentexpertUnderstanding Mental Health Terms and S.E.D. Students


Games and Fun Activities to Teach Personal Space and Distanceprofessional developmentexpert


Cyber Smart in a Wired Worldprofessional developmentexpert


What Do I Do Now? How to Work with Difficult Students and professional development expertFamilies


Learning to Like the Kid in the Mirror: Build Students’ Self-Esteem and Confidenceprofessional development seminar


Peer Skill Repair: Teaching Warring Students to Get Alongprofessional development presenters


Ask an Expert: A Veteran Mental Health Professional Answers Your professional development presentersQuestions About Problem and Troubled Students


Build On-the-Job Success Skills for Adolescentsprofessional development consultants


Ready, Set, Go! Build Independent Living Skills for Adolescentsprofessional development


counselor and teacher workshopOther breakout workshop topics are available. Contact us now to set up your workshop crafted to effectively address you specific topic. Call toll-free to 1.800.545.5736, or email.

Not only do your workshop participants get a workshop totally tailored to address their students’ exact issues, but the course workbook is also tailored to match too. Here are two examples. Check out a workbook for a school on-site inservice professional development training and also a workbook for parents who attended a conference for families of children with challenges. Each of our on-site training workshops includes a customized workbook rwteach17brighterprecisely tailored to provide your participants with the best resources and solutions for their most pressing student behavior problems.

Whatever school, social, or emotional problem your children and youth present, we have a powerful, problem-stopping workshop that can help.

Popular dates are quickly taken so contact us now to grab your workshop date while it’s still available.



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