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Stop Classroom
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School Skills Training.

It could change your life, your classroom management, and the lives of your students.

School Skills Training means that you teach your youngsters how to be students, just like you teach your youngsters academic subject matter.

Your school district has a carefully planned curriculum for teaching academic content, but no curriculum at all to teach the foundation School Skills that youngsters need to take advantage of the academic offerings.

Even though all schools want students to be motivated, have a good attitude, be appropriately dressed, arrive on time, have class discussion skills, and complete assignments, few schools have any plan at all to teach students how to do all that.

Then, we wonder why there are so many classroom management problems in so many classrooms.

Here it is, the start of a new school year, and all around the country schools are expecting students to have basic School Skills that they've actually never been systematically taught.

That is why so many kids don't look, act, or sound like students. They haven't been taught.

If you are tired of the endless classroom management problems that gobble up a whopping 22 minutes of each 50 minute period of instruction, then be sure you develop and follow a School Skills Training game plan for transforming kids into prepared, motivated students with positive attitudes.


Classroom Management School Skills Training Strategies

Stop Classroom Management Problems

classroom management poster 226 Stop talking about the rules and start teaching the rules.

You wouldn't just talk about calculus because that doesn't teach students calculus.

When you just talk about the rules,
that doesn't teach students how to follow the rules.

Just talking about the rules is ineffective because so many youngsters don't have the
requisite needed skills to comply.

So, instead of just saying
poster203 "Dress appropriately" or "Don't miss class," provide specific instruction about what to wear, what not to wear, as well as attendance and punctuality.

Include skill training on key elements such as how often to wear dirty and stained clothes, how to be sure to have clean school clothes available, and so on.

Poster #203, pictured above, gives an unmistakable image of the problem behavior, and makes it tough for students to claim "But I didn't know what was considered saggy pants."

Poster #226, shown at left, can start the conversation about attendance. In the discussion, assist students to develop quantifiable guidelines, such as the number of times per class period to use the rest room during class, and how to plan to use the bathroom in between classes, and so on.

Stating the rules should always be just a small part of the process. To gain compliance with your rules, and have satisfactory classroom management, the main thrust must be to provide on-going instruction that gives students the skills they need to follow the rules.

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Stop Classroom Management Problems

career poster #180Schools seldom include motivation as part of their curriculum, but without motivation, education may seem irrelevant to students.

You need to actually "sell" school to your students. That's right. To provide thorough
School Skills Training, you have to show the value of education. It's obvious to you, not at all obvious to some of your students.

If you convince students of the value of school, you won't have to struggle so much with classroom management.

Motivated students recognize that school is as important as the air they breathe, and act accordingly.

It's your choice. You can continue to struggle to manage unmotivated, uninterested students, or you can take the time to show them the enormous benefits that school delivers, and
watch your classroom management problems moderate or go away entirely.

Poster #180 shows students how education is required to succeed in the contemporary work world.

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Stop Classroom Management Problems

Motivational Poster 168You don't have to just suffer students' negative attitudes all year long.

As part of School Skill Training, turnaround the negativity about school and education.

It's hard for students of any age to be sour and negative when you help them discover that a high school diploma is worth $329,000 more in salary over the course of their lifetime.

Consider asking students to stop referring to you as "teacher," and start referring to you as "banker."

Poster #168, shown at left, offers an attention-grabbing tool to start the process of reversing negative attitudes among your students.

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