Bad News for Dropouts Makes Improved Dropout Prevention Tools: Job That Are No More


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Bad News for Dropouts:

Jobs That Are No More

Compelling Dropout Prevention Resources to
Reduce Your Student Dropout Rate



motivational classroom posterBad job news for dropouts means improved, more powerful dropout prevention tools that can transform potential dropouts into motivated, successful students. If you work with youngsters who say that they do not plan to finish school, they should know that even robots finish school. That's important to know because these educated robots are in training to take over many of the jobs that are still open to dropouts.

Name the job that is still open to dropouts, and USA Today (5-1-03) can name the robot that can do the job cheaper Our popular Poster #148 provides graphic illustration. Check out what is happening to these jobs that your students say they will always be able to do without a diploma.

    G O I N G Nursing Home Aide
    G O I N G Aide to the Disabled
    G O N E Caregiver to the Elderly

Have you heard about Pearl? Pearl is a robotic nurse. She "has cameras for eyes, a computer screen for a chest and a tray or basket in which she can carry items to an elderly or disabled person," says USA Today. "That's so far away," your potential dropout may say hopefully. "Not true," you can reply. Pearl has already passed the testing stage for use in both nursing homes and private residences.

    G O I N G Maid
    G O I N G Housekeeper
    G O N E Custodian

It's called Roomba FloorVac, and it's not even expensive. For about the price of a regular vacuum, you can now own a robotic vacuum that can do the job without supervision. The Roomba will never call in sick, ask for a raise or beg for the day off either. Other devices exist or will soon exist for other cleaning chores.

    G O I N G Lawn Mower
    G O I N G Gardener
    G O N E Grounds Worker

dropout prevention posterIt costs just a bit more than a traditional lawn mower but no people are needed to run it. It's not a dream for the future but a product that is already for sale.

    G O I N G Baby Sitter
    G O I N G Nanny
    G O N E Child Care Worker

The ER-2 can not only tell stories or play games with kids while their parents are away, the device can also patrol the property. If the ER-2 detects a problem, it can not only notify you, but it can also show you a picture of the problem too. Machines will soon be able to prepare simple food items, set the table and clear it too. That's more than many baby sitters do. Dropout prevention posters can help hammer home the benefits of graduating, and our Poster #439 is the perfect example of how powerful these prevention posters can be.

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    how to motivate studentsG O I N G Home Aide
    G O I N G Attendant
    G O N E Personal Assistant

MARION-1 can turn on and off house appliances as you command via your cell phone, starting the oven or turning off the dryer. Soon, you can also purchase a robotic butler who will unlock the door of your home when you arrive, alert you to who else is home, and perform tasks for you on the internet. Other robots can call people by name and fetch or deliver items as directed. A machine named Grace can even register you for a conference, take notes, and chat with other attendees. Some of these machines even manage themselves. USA Today reports that MARION-1 even plugs itself in between charges when it feels "woozy." Our motivational dropout prevention Poster #149 illustrates our new world where computers rules.

Other jobs that don't require diplomas, but may be headed towards mechanization include fast food worker, customer service worker, receptionist, clerk, toll taker, cashier, dishwasher, bus boy, hostess, newspaper delivery person, and ticket taker.

It certainly appears that a high school diploma is far more critical than anyone could have imagined. Is there any encouraging news on the job front for potential dropouts? USA Today noted that machines used to tackle only repetitive tasks like factory work, or jobs that no human should have to do like searching for bodies during a disaster. Now, machines are starting to be able to take over jobs that may have been fine ways to earn a living, especially for people who had fewer employment options due to their lack of a diploma.

So the article had just the slightest morsel of hope for dropouts, but that hope was dashed by the end of the sentence. USA Today includes this blunt and devastating comment by Brandeis University robotics expert, Jordan Pollack: "I believe that there is a low-paid human who folds clothes cheaper than any robot we could make." You may wish to relay this information to students considering dropping out of school. Unless the student's dream job is to fold clothes for almost no money, they may want to do whatever it takes to get that diploma.

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